How To Transition Into Tech As A Stay-At-Home Mum

How To Transition Into Tech As A Stay-At-Home Mum

<strong>How To Transition Into Tech As A Stay-At-Home Mum</strong>

Isn’t technology wonderful? I think it is great and that is why you- a stay-at-home mum can quickly get into work – fulfilling work. And of course, you will begin to pull off the magic of being both a homemaker and a working-class lady as the superwomen we are, earning cool cash!

We’ll be taking this journey with a fictional friend- Bola, you could put yourself in Bola’s shoes or just watch her do her thing and eventually repeat her steps yourself. 

Know Yourself

As soon as Bola – a mum of three discovers that her interest in tech is not one of her passing whims like her pizza cravings, she gets online. She soon discovers that there are about a million different careers in tech, just like you will see when you begin your research. She finds things like software development, web development, business analysis, data science, product marketing,  UI/UX specialist, information security, data analysis, product management, product design, salesforce admin specialist etc. 

Go Online

Her next step is to begin to look up what some of these strange terms mean. Our friend Bola discovers that a tech support specialist would have to work with people a lot, but she’s not a people person and she would not like a career that would predispose her to have to work with people frequently. She finds out that as data analytics she would have to deal with a lot of data and numbers and she thinks numbers are really scary. She however discovers that as a product designer, she would have to research a lot, this is something she loves and already has the skills for. She’s also artistic and creative and would love to create something new. But things are not always that easy because it also seems that she falls in love with UI/UX as well and now she doesn’t know where to start as a beginner.


As you replicate Bola’s process, take note of what you like to do and want to do. This is necessary because tech is very broad- there’s a niche for literally everyone walking the planet today. Do you like to create? Are you good with research like Bola? Are you good with people? Would you work well in a team? Do you like to teach? What can you do? What do you like? Take note of this as you do this research. 

More Research 

After your research, you would have come up with a list of the different things you are interested in.  Next, you have to zoom in to begin to read and research these things just as Bola did. At this stage, it would be great if you had a mentor to put you through and help you understand what these things imply in detail. In Bola’s case, without a mentor – she reads even more articles about product design and UI/UX  and also attends free masterclasses on the web to be more informed about her interests. Bola discovers that UI/UX may be more complicated than she can handle at the moment. Also, she has some knowledge she would be more than willing to share with other people- a course and as a product designer she would be able to apply her newfound skills to creating her course, and who knows she could kill two or even three birds with one stone! 

Start Learning

Now that you have made a choice about where to start you will have to begin to seek even more free resources online about your niche, these resources make it even clearer to you what your chosen interest is all about. 

Bola browses the job description of a product designer. She reads about the skills necessary to be a good product designer, registers for free master classes and webinars on product designing, downloads free e-books and attends free webinars.

After you’ve gotten enough information to make you certain of what you want, you can take the next step of purchasing a course because free things are free for a reason.

As for Bola, she puts a call across to Heels and Tech because she would now love to take our course on product design and would love to know what it is all about! Now you are on your way to becoming a tech woman, on your way to becoming a sensational and inspirational woman like all those you admire and daydream about.

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