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Our Student Stories

  • I’ve learnt a lot.. Just one week and I’ve got a lot of confidence on myself…. I can boldly say I would be a business consultant/analyst after this training….

  • My name is Motolani. I graduated from University of Ibadan with a B.Sc in Agri-Economics and I’ve been working in the Banking sector for over 7 years. The four weeks training was a time to learn, unlearn and relearn a lot

  • The project eeh, it’s plenty but I will overcome. I like that it’s challenging, having to do a lot of research but I am making headway. I am thankful for the mentor assigned, she clarified things and patiently answered all

  • Prior, I had no idea of the tools we used. Infact, I didn't know they were in existence but when a task requires the use of these tools, I reprogramme my mind that I can do this. I must also

  • A little about your background I’m a Customer Support Specialist/KYC verification agent. Your experience during the 6 weeks training..about the tools and project It was a good experience. I learnt how to use the tools well: Jira, Lucid chart, Microsoft Team and Office

  • My name is Mercy and I have been working in the financial industry for over 8 years. Recently, I was feeling redundant from doing the same process everyday. I wanted something new and exciting, and with the pandemic it dawn

  • A little about your background I am a dynamic and versatile woman with expertise in Marketing, brand management and communication. Your experience during the 6 weeks training..about the tools and project My experience learning Business Analysis at Heels and Tech was intense but

  • I was exposed to a lot of applications that I had never heard of before. I learnt how to use Jira, Confluence, Figma, Canva, Lucid Chart, and of course learnt about UI/UX design. Also discovered the Unsplash website for pictures.

  • Amazing! It's been very enlightening. I'm really glad to have taken this step. Intense and challenging and very much worth it. I love the way everything is organized and structured. You guys rock!I especially appreciate the fact that we have replays,

  • It's been quite an experience. It has stretched me. From the simple to the complex. I was determined that no matter what happens, I was going to learn it, tech or not. I'm glad I adopted the growth mindset early on.

  • My name is Oyindamola and I currently work with a Healthtech company as a Quality Assurance Manager. I had come across Business Analysis as a career path a couple of months back but I didn’t know how to get started until

  • Yes I have. I can see in real life what goes into developing or reviewing an app or tech solution. And I can see that the role of a BA is like a bridge between users and developers. Most developers

  • A little about your background I’m a banker with over 6 years experience, I have BA experience across the 6 years but not core BA work, this is the reason I decided to make a transition to Business Analysis. Tech has

  • At the first class Petrina warned us that everything was going to come at us fast… its safe to say she's (the course) delivering on her promise! Lol. It's been very enlightening and educating. And at the same time it's

  • I have worked in the banking sector for 14 years doing different job descriptions. Everything became boring for me and I thought of looking at something very different from what I have been doing. Someone introduced me to Heelsandtech and

  • I am doing very well. I signed up for the Business Analysis. I must say it was very well detailed and our facilitator is exceptional and professional. She knows her onions. Started with a mind shift and I feel pumped for

  • It's been great getting to know all the tools I know now, in 4weeks ?I could never have imagined ? I seriously can't wait to apply all that I have been taught abeg ??

  • Classes have been eye opening, challenging, enlightening. I can't believe how easily I am using software and applications and talking using BA technical words. Talk about value for money. Petrina is also doing a great job, I would like to

  • A little about your background Highest educational qualification is Masters in Process Engineering from University of Lagos. B.Eng in Chemical Engineering from FUTO and Diploma in Construction management from City Business School, UK.A Senior Cost Engineer with over 12 years in

  • It was a dream come true getting the opportunity to learn Business Analysis with Heels and Tech truly. Truth is that I didn't know there was such a role until I saw your ad on Christmas day. I decided to

  • My name is Adeola, event planner and retailer now Business Analyst with a B.sc in Accounting. It was a great time of learning and getting exposed into the Tech World. Always willing to go over and beyond to ensure we understand well. They

  • A little about your background I am a hospital pharmacist, practicing for over 18 years, with a background in clinical pharmacy, public health, supply chain, research and retail sales. I am open to new challenges, hence I look for every opportunity

  • My name is Oluwapelumi Akinola, graduate of law from Olabisi Onabanjo University and an LLB from the Nigerian law school. I have been a lawyer in the media and entertainment industry for 3 years. My experience has been rigorous while creating

  • A little about your background I have a bachelors degree in communication Studies, master’s degree in media studies and also some years of experience as a human resources person . I want to transition to tech fully thats the reason why

  • My name is Elsie, i studied Food Science and I had been working as an Investment officer. I found Heels &Tech randomly and I followed even before I decided I wanted a new career path and in tech. When i eventually felt

  • Happy I am learning..it is helping me to see my current employment differently, because I do BA activities even though it isn't a BA role I am currently telling my colleagues to look up on your page and learn a

  • To say the least, Petrina has been amazing and our mentor Adedamola has been really helpful. With their help, we were able to pull through some challenges we initially had as a group. Overall, It has been an intensive few weeks

  • A little about your background  I came from a background in business and entrepreneurs and I wanted to do something different or bring something different to the table. Your experience during the 6 weeks training..about the tools and project Came across heels and

  • The class has been awesome. Workload is a lot but I have no choice because I am already smelling the money ?. Seriously though, I feel equipped to handle any BA role. It’s a lot of work but It’s work that

  • Hey God, it is 12:18am WAT and I am on the LMS uploading assignments. I am stretched beyond limit. I used to complain about it in the earlier weeks, how I don't even get what I'm doing but you see this

  • Classes have been great, so much information to process. Our instructor Petrina is really good and having the replays available is also a great help. I am still finding my stride, but I am so excited and optimistic about the

  • A little about your background I am Adepeju, a lawyer by profession but I have always found myself holding post outside my legal role, I didn’t think those roles were business Analyst roles until I started the course and then I

  • A little about your background I had a very scanty exposure to business analysis, though an engineering graduate, I desired transitioning to IT fully but I didn't want anything to do with coding. This led me to Heels and Tech Your experience

  • My name is Angela Mortoo. I have worked in the Oil and Gas industry for 8years in different roles in Ghana. During the pandemic and lockdown period I realized my job role had become business as usual with no innovation

  • My name is Dolapo Odutola. I Studied Mass Communication for my Bachelors Degree after which I proceeded to work with a Real Estate for two year. After this I went on to start up my fashion brand and Interior Decor

  • Hey guys, My brain feels like its got so many apps open.. This is one programme that has pushed me real hard I'm shocked I haven't broken down yet. phew Working with apps I never knew existed until 3weeks ago and brainstorming

  • I have practiced law for the past 9 years and everytime I always felt like i needed to do more. I didn't feel quite fulfilled so my cousin told me about Heels and Tech. I took all of my savings,

  • Hmmm I learnt a whole lot ooo. From technical to non- technical skills. Technical I learnt how to use the following software Microsoft Office Suite- the whole package from word, excel, one drive, shared link, teams, PowerPointLucid ChartJira SoftwareFigma Non-technical Team work: collaboration, responsibility, discipline,

  • I have over 7 years experience in sales management and delivering targets for the organization I worked with. I had been following Heels and Tech for sometime but never had the time to subscribe to one of their trainings until

  • I studied Secretarial Administrative and also have Masters in International Business Management. I worked in the Financial Service sector for 15 years in Nigeria before relocation to Canada and my area of specialisation is majorly Customer Service and Administrative due

  • Good evening, thank you for putting me on the right path tech wise. I was a frustrated person who worked in an organization for 13 years only to feel I wasn't relevant so I quit my job and started the

  • As an oil and gas engineer and an environmental specialist, who currently work with cruise line company as a sales support specialist, I found salesforce admin training to be very effective. The 6 weeks training was indeed intense and practical.

  • A little about your background I am an Administrative/HR Administrator. I have worked in this capacity for over 8 years and I can say its so rewarding. Your experience during the 6 weeks training..about the tools and project I thought it will be

  • At the peak of my career, I have a little experience in customer relations, my most experience is being a teacher but covid opened my eye to think of switching my career, which led me to Heels and Tech. Yes, I

  • My name is Yemi and I stumbled on Heels and Tech and decided to check out their page. I actually got interested in transitioning into Tech from the many articles and testimonials I saw on their Instagram page. My background is

  • I’m a project management professional with extensive hands-on experience in the project environment and I have a Masters in International Business Management. My experience learning Salesforce at Heels & Tech was very insightful, interesting and challenging. Learning Salesforce was an eye

  • I have spent all my working years in procurement - 20yrs plus. I came to the class with an open mind and it paid off because I was excited throughout the training and didn't want to miss one day. There was

  • A baker now a Data Analyst. My training experience started out on an insightful note. I love the facilitator's teaching style. Every concept was broken down to the basics. Saying that the Heels and Tech data analytics course is enlightening would

  • Education in Science (Biochemistry), Work experience - Taxation It was 3 weeks training. Training was good, teachers are very knowledgeable. Covered a wider range of topics albeit not so in-depth for some. The trainers are very knowledgeable and patient. They don't mind

  • As an Operations Officer in the Banking sector I know I needed more. I didn't know which course to settle for but I got help when I was about to register. I registered for Data Analytics course and the training opened

  • I enjoyed every minute of my course. It was really nice. The facilitator tried his best to carry every one along and he paid good attention to us. I’m still practicing o but the knowledge I have now is x3

  • The training was wonderful. The patience of our facilitator is something to be studied. The project work was nice also. The Project was about analyzing the gender distribution of a company. We did the analysis based on salary paid per state and

  • I currently work in taxation. In charge of compliance and enforcement of tax liabilities in the federal level. Its mainly accounting work, there's a reason I studied Economics and Statistics for my undergrad and not accounting! I worked in a

  • Great , learnt two new things and applying them already. Yes Zino and this new guy are amazing. I feel like a pro already. Zino taught me how to utilize my growth funnel. This practical lessons has helped me see the

  • The Training was a bit too much for me in the beginning but I am fine now. Thanks to Zino she’s very patient with her teachings and she takes time to explain and put everyone through. So when I don’t remember

  • It’s been fantastic. I’ve learnt a lot on digital marketing. It’s medium I’ve always wanted to have a knowledge in. The class has really been helpful and Zino is an awesome and patient tutor

  • The classes were really packed and enlightening, so much to learn in a short time. It’s amazing how a person’s mindset can change when exposed to the right information. Then the practical classes is the tip of the iceberg, I now see

  • Classes been great and ???it’s funny how the growth funnel help me ace an interview. Glad I have been part of it.

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