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Become a Certified Salesforce Admin Specialist

Since Salesforce is currently highly sought-after and has consistently ranked as the 7th most in-demand IT skill on job postings worldwide, there’s no better time to learn this skill and transition to this ever-growing and ever-relevant career path.

During the process of this course, we will walk you through the process of signing up for your own free Salesforce account which you will use to work through the exercises of the course. This account will serve as a portfolio you can keep for the rest of your life.

Did you know that Salesforce is not just a customer relationship management, or CRM, platform?

Salesforce can also be a general platform for creating business applications, and it gives you power as an admin to bring all these apps together through a point and click configuration system.

In this course, we promise to go through every major area that makes salesforce as powerful as it is.
Some of the major areas we will cover include

● Creating custom objects and records
● Understanding automation tool features
● Setting up reports and dashboards
● Extending Salesforce with third-party packages
● And creating page layouts to view data

At the end of this course, you’ll know the high-performing capabilities of the Salesforce platform and know where the admin toolset fits for some uses.

This course is suitable for the absolute beginner by introducing the key Salesforce admin concepts to them. It requires absolutely no prerequisites.

Armed with this course, you will feel comfortable diving into Salesforce administration with courses on building your first Salesforce application using tools like Process Builder and workflow and learning how to make more complex reports, etc.

So, join me on this journey to learn Salesforce administration.

What You’ll Learn

  1. 1. All you need to kick-start and be successful as a Salesforce CRM operator/analyst
  2. 2. Very simplified concepts and key points in Salesforce CRM
  3. 3. The characteristics and personality traits you need to learn as a BA
  4. 4. Hot Salesforce CRM jobs available and how you can get one for yourself
  5. 5.  The tools, techniques and processes all Salesforce CRM operators need to know
  6. 6. CV and LinkedIn audit

This Course Includes:

  1. 1. 40 hours live on-line class
  2. 2. Full lifetime access
  3. 3. Access on mobile 
  4. 4. Certificate of completion
  5. 5. Preparation for Salesforce Certification

What’s In This Course

The Topics Covered In The Salesforce CRM Course


  1. 1. No knowledge of coding required
  2. 2. No prior job experience on tech required
  3. 3. Note taking is essential in this course. A pen and a notebook will be required.
  4. 4. Computer and Strong internet
  5. 5. Modules will have specific outputs. These outputs must be accomplished prior to starting the next modules.

Here’s What You Get If You Enroll Today

  1. 1. Support with your facilitators
  2. 2. 1:1 support 
  3. 3. Access to resources and materials
  4. 4. Group collaboration
  5. 5. Lifetime access
  6. 6. Work experience with real-life projects

Why Should I Take This Course?

  1. 1. You will become a Salesforce CRM professional equipped with all the skills and experiences needed to kick-start your Salesforce career once you complete this programme
  2. 2. You will get all the information you need to get a job as a Salesforce CRM professional with great salary
  3. 3. You will be able to fit into an ever-relevant and ever-on-demand industry that is ready to take in fresh talent like you
  4. 4. Access to freebies, a community and mentoring by the facilitators even after the class

This Course Is Specifically For:

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“I am an Administrative/HR Administrator. I have worked in this capacity for over 8 years and I can say it's so rewarding. I thought it will be great to transition to IT being an in-demand career in Canada (planning to relocate to Canada). I decided to register for the Salesforce training and I can say that I have no regrets. The training is hands-on and there are lots of resources available for me to work with. Ugo is an excellent teacher. Woah he is good, he ensures that we understand the topics. I aspire to know as much as he does. It's great to have a platform like this where you can learn from the comfort of your home. Uh the convener is helpful too. She goes the extra mile to make sure that the objective of heelsandtech is achieved. She never leaves you to yourself she will call to find out how you and doing. Her post on mindset pushes me to go on when I feel tired (I do feel exhausted sometimes)”
“The only job I have known/done is being a teacher and I also bake (that’s something I am passionate about). I always had a flair for tech related things, but I always shoved it aside because I thought it was going to be difficult making the switch and another thing that stopped me was that I did not know where to begin. But thanks to heels and tech, I joined the telegram group and the rest is history. I am looking forward to when I will land my first tech job *dancing*.”
“My experience so far has been eye opening, phenomenal and interesting. I am not surprised I enjoyed my training, because when I put my mind to something I believe I can achieve it with the help of God. Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management tool (there are others) and CRM in a lay man’s term helps to manage a company’s customer data. The interesting thing is that there is a free platform for you to learn all you need to know about the Salesforce where you learn hands on, but taking the course has taught me more than I would have learnt on the free platform, because you are learning from people who are already doing it. I have learnt to; ● Unlock user accounts or resetting passwords when they forget their passwords. ● To add Single sign on (SSO) and two factor authentications when requested. ● Fixing data records that have been set with record types. ● Import leads and contact. ● Deactivate users due to their departure from the company or transfer. ● Reassigning roles and profiles etc. ● I will use Facebook as an example, when you forget your password it is a salesforce admin that resets it and a whole lot of other things.”
“My trainer is a rare kind of person. He is extremely patient, for a beginner like me, he has taken his time to bring this whole thing down to my level and made it easy to understand. He is an exceptional instructor and also very knowledgeable in his field. Learning under him has been worthwhile.”
“I came across heelsandtech while I roamed the streets of Instagram. I loved how she made delving into the tech world seem so easy and her focus is more on ladies. First thing I did was to join the telegram group and also joined a few webinars and that was it, I remember telling her I did not want anything that has to do with coding(lol). Her platform gave me the push I needed. When courses came, I registered for the CRM (Salesforce) course, still considering to be a part of the BA training as well. I have a strong believe that no knowledge is a waste.”
“Covid 19 has brought about a lot change in the world, I said to myself there is no better time to start this than now. I also want to be a part of the women in tech. I won’t forget to say thank you to Bisola for this platform and hopefully someday we will make you proud.”


Most frequent questions and answers

Many Years ago, Organizations used to save their customer information on paper or an excel sheet. Making sense of this information collected became cumbersome. Technology companies found a solution to this by creating a software solely for managing customers called Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

This application has helped so many organizations globally save all their customer information, purchase history, contact information, improve and automate processes and also make sound decisions.

The customer journey is a broad one. It starts from making enquiries about a product or service, purchasing a product after so much back and forth with the customer agent, making a complaint to the company after the purchase of the product, the company offering exchange or discount and so many activities right.

Now, a lot of software organizations do not have an application that can give a 360 degree view of the customer footprint. What some organizations do is to buy different smaller applications that can fix this problem and in turn integrate them into each other which can take weeks or months.

Salesforce as a Software and a service company has all this features on one platform and an organization can see all the information needed at a glance, make informed decisions and grow their business.

This has differentiated it from all other competitors in the game.

Salesforce helps you see your customer information at a glance and it can also be used across industries such as Sales, Logistics26, Manufacturing e.t.c.
Salesforce is not just an app, it is an entire platform and has built an awesome community over the years.

Salesforce encourages developers to build their own individual application, This now runs into thousands and has helped meet the needs of companies using Salesforce in different industries all over the world. These developers have created cutting edge applications that have made the Salesforce platform innovative.

These third–party developers are constantly creating cutting–edge technologies to meet the needs of a company, and this makes the Salesforce platform infinitely innovative.

Salesforce administrators are currently the most sought-after CRM professionals in the market, and they will continue to be in demand well into decades to come. Once an innovative company begins to use Salesforce to its fullest potential, it increases the automation processes of the company. Salesforce administrators are then employed to use the Salesforce platform to run the company’s automated business processes. This means that Salesforce professionals will continue to be the most sought-after CRM resource well into the future because more and more companies will continue to automate their business processes now and in years to come.

Entry-level Salesforce professionals can expect to make between $55,000 to $70,000 a year, even if they have never heard of Salesforce prior to getting certified. Having a background in sales or marketing may up expert’s earnings to about $65,000 to $80,000 per annum.

In the tech world today having Salesforce expertise together with how you can use your skills and knowledge to increase business revenue are interestingly more important to a company. That being said, to become a Salesforce professional your Salesforce certifications as well as any previous Salesforce work experience i.e. Volunteering with a nonprofit are what make recruiters drawn to you.

A junior person within the ranks of a Salesforce professional is usually someone who has less than 3 years of experience. From year 3 and on, a Salesforce professional becomes an intermediate or even expert–level resource, and once they get past year 5, it’s as good as getting tenure.  A new person can expect around $55,000 – $70,000 a year, even without technical expertise or a college degree. Then, in the second year, that amount goes up to between $80,000 to $90,000, and in the third year, it will likely be at least $100,000 a year. Around year 5, you’ll probably tap out at about $130,000 to $150,000 as a full-time individual.  However, if this person leaves the company and joins a Salesforce consulting firm, the income can be pushed up the $150,000 to $180,000 range.  If perhaps they go into business for themselves and do freelance Salesforce consulting, that amount can go up to $200,000 to $300,000. 

Does the idea of thinking about the way a business is efficiently managed or how one works appeal to you? How the buyer’s journey of acquiring new leads, building a relationship when a form is filled, a call is made or an email is sent? Does this intrigue you? Are you glad to understand how a product or service is sold and how follow up and support are provided afterwards?

If you think getting a better understanding or getting involved in these processes could be even slightly interesting, then you are great fit for a Salesforce career. Asides from this you need to make sure you are intentional about understanding the Salesforce career path and that you truly are ready to put in the work and be involved in the tech space. We are proud to say that we have trained many students who were clueless about Salesforce but in their 3rd week of training began getting job offers because of the effort and intentionality they put into their trainings through our guidance.

• Customer Service: As a user: Customer Service is vital to any company. In fact whether you are a business owner or customer service professional how you handle your customers/users matters at every stage as a great or less than great customer experience can have major effect on your company/business.
As a company’s customer base grows there is need to develop good processes for managing customers and their information. Using an excel sheet for gathering customer data will grow cumbersome over time hence using a Customer relationship management tool like Salesforce is important.
As a customer service professional with skills and knowledge in Salesforce you become a valuable team player able to create different articles and forms on common issues, so that when issues arise, proven paths to solutions can easily be tracked down. Also, with Salesforce being an automated tool, your productivity as a customer service professional is maximized since information can be stored on a cloud for you to easily find, access and deliver effectively to customers. Salesforce improves your effectiveness with customer service and in turn facilitates good customer experience.

• Salesforce Administrator: Salesforce Administrators are a vital bridge between business and technology. Think of them as your trusted advisors on all things Salesforce. A Salesforce Administrator is a professional that best understands how to make the platform work for their company’s unique needs. Some companies may employ many people in this role. A Salesforce Administrator’s colleagues relies on them to maintain the platform, make it as easy as possible for users of any technical level to use Salesforce and stay updated on the platform’s new tools, capabilities, and updates. Salesforce Administrators have solutions for just about every team in a company, including sales, marketing, customer service, and more. Each department can learn from the Salesforce Admin how to use the Salesforce CRM platform most effectively. For example, with the help of a Salesforce Admin, a company’s sales people can set up personalized dashboards, fields, alerts, and reports to shorten the sales cycle and track every lead in greater detail.

• Customer Success Executive Managers: Customer success executive managers are trusted advisors with expert knowledge of the CRM platform. They help customers to achieve their desired business outcomes by leveraging the platform. CSE Managers get a 360-degree view of customers along with their interactions with sales, service and marketing. One of their key roles is to proactively analyze and identify customer issues before they escalate.

Most organizations sell products or services but they need to retain the customers they have acquired over time. A Customer Success Manager manages the customers an organization has acquired. For instance a software company like Loom is a video software you can use to record videos on your laptop and send to anybody on your team, utilizing the business version of Loom you are able to record a 40 minutes video, but the free version has a record timeline of 10 minutes but for Loom to retain revenue they need to encourage their subscribers to keep up with payments. This is where a Customer Success Manager comes in, what they do is to keep in touch with their subscribers and perhaps a subscriber faces any challenges they sort the challenges out and ensure continued subscription with them. Now to how they manage their customers, this software company will utilize the Salesforce CRM to manage their subscriber clientele, hence the importance of a Customer Success Manager understanding how to use Salesforce CRM.

• Account Managers and Sales Representatives: With Salesforce Account Managers and Sales Reps are focused on what needs to be achieved. Thanks to the provision of ready-to-access dashboard that documents everyday how sales teams are going about their planned goals Account Managers are able to keep track of activities and make informed decisions for company growth.

• Marketing Professionals: Marketing professionals use Salesforce to not only target the right person at the right time on the right channel but to build a marketing strategy around the customer journey and automate engagement. Marketing professionals use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to track and analyze results to optimize experiences and they act and react based on individual customer’s actions. Using Salesforce for Marketing helps improve Customer Acquisition, Lead Generation and Upselling opportunities.

On top of having hands on training and mentorship with us, you’re also going to understand how to position yourself for a Salesforce career path by using tools like LinkedIn to build your personal branding online, so that you can showcase your current skills and your interests to attract potential employers globally. You will be trained every step of the way by astute and skilled facilitators in CRM, our community is one that understands the seeming scare assumed in the tech space about being entirely math inclined, we assure you that we will hold your hands through the process and see you through with our mentoring and support management.

Our 8-week boot camp is one that is enjoyable as long as you are willing and ready to learn with our guidance you will become a full on sought after Salesforce Administrator, our previous students can attest to this very truth.

Yes, you will receive a SalesForce CRM Certification of Completion of this course

(A Heels & Tech Certificate of Completion which you can download as a pdf)

Yes, of course! You can add this SalesForce CRM Certification to your CV or Resume

Students are allowed to withdraw between 1-2 weeks before classes start and this is only acceptable via email: heelsandtech90@gmail.com.

Unfortunately, there is no refund 5 days before classes starts as by then, we already created personalized materials for every students.

We can do 80:20 installment payment.

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