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How to get a tech job if you wish to relocate or wish to start a new life in the Tech Industry


Become a Business Analyst and Kickstart your BA Career

USD 650/NGN 250,000

Become a Salesforce Administrator in 5 weeks

USD 650/NGN 250,000

Combine the latest thinking with hands-on experience to inspire and increase performance along every dimension for profound marketing impact

USD 300/NGN 150,000

Start Your Journey To Being A Data Champion

USD 300/NGN 150,000

Learn To Build Digital Products In Just 6-Weeks By Taking Our Product Design Course

USD 300/NGN 150,000

We are a woman-focused brand, due to the glaring gap of women in Tech. However, we also welcome men. 

We believe deeply in inclusivity whilst being focused on our core.

18+ Countries

10 Cohorts

30k Community Members

Over 300 Students

How It Works

Learn The Latest Skills

We teach the emerging and latest skills that will keep you up to speed with the fast paced world. Our curricula are constantly updated to reflect the latest trends in the market.

Learn With Your Group of Friends

When you enroll for a course, you have lifetime access to all its resource materials. You can also reschedule live classes in times where it is not convenient.

Learn From Industry Experts

We pride ourselves to have instructors riding upon years of field experience. They teach not just from the standpoint of knowledge, but sheer exposure and expertise.

Instructor Led Live Online Training

Our instructors are seasoned professional leaders in Tech who are vastly exposed to the industry demands, changes and skills needed to soar in the Tech space.

Our professional instructors will also drive this change, thereby improving their leadership, management, and interpersonal skills.

What exactly is Cohort based Learning

Cohort-based learning is a collaborative learning style in which a group of individuals advance through an educational program together.

Studies have shown that the finish rate of self– paced programs are extremely low, somewhere between 4-5%.

But with Cohort learning, course completion is much higher, at Heels & Tech, we are proud to say our completion rate is between 80-90% which in turn, gives more value to your investment.

With our Cohort Learning and Teaching platform, women can learn with a community of individuals, who share similar end goals.

Our facilitators have worked in top fortune 500 companies

Where our students are working

Job Testimonials

Diana who was a Language Instructor saw the need to upskill. In her
search for a perfect place to upskill she found Heels and Tech.

She enrolled with us easily because we resonated with her goals. She
took our Salesforce Administrator course first and because of the value
she got she went ahead to take a second course with us.

She became a Salesforce Business Analyst but niched down to be a Product

She started getting offer from different countries to come work with
them as a Product Owner.


Language Instructor turned Product Owner
Just as the situation is with many women having to stay off work to take
care of their children, it was the same for Jennifer.

She didn’t have to take care of her children alone, she had to stay with
her husband who was down with cancer. He lost the battle. There was no
going back, so she had to move on. Moving on she found Heels and Tech

We were part of her process that landed her a job of more than half a
million in Naira. She got the deal with the skills she earned in our
Business Analysis and Salesforce course.

Jennifer is one of the many products we have produced.


10years career break and now earning more than half a million as a client care coordinator
Vivian has worked several years as an Engineer in the Oil and Gas
industry but she wanted more.

In the cause of her research to make a career switch she found out about
Business Analysis course. She enrolled without having so much

By the end of the training she was pleasantly surprised with the
structure we had in place and level of competence from our facilitators.

After the training with our resume revamp and how to land a job sessions
she was able to land herself a permanent role as a Business Intelligence


Levelling up from being an Engineer in the Oil and Gas to Business Intelligence Analyst
Elizabeth having worked for 15years in the Financial Sector in Nigeria,
relocated to Canada.

Her work experience in the Customer Service department and her passion
to solve problems made her take a Salesforce course with us at Heels and

The training period equipped her with the relevant skill that got her a
job as a Salesforce Administrator at Incloud Business Solutions, Canada.


With zero knowledge in tech, Heels and Tech came to the rescue. She upskilled with our Salesforce Administrator course and landed a job without even applying

Why Choose Us?

Heels and Tech LLC, provides world class IT Training, Real-time Live Project to gain
hands on experience

Interactive Live Classes

Live online and interactive sessions on project-based training programs

Outstanding Trainers

Learn from experienced and informed industry experts

Continuous Access 24/7

Get access to videos, training material and replays during and after the program

Adjustable Schedule

Flexibility to schedule or reschedule your classes online at your convenience

Community Enabled

Likeminded Friends and Community based

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Congratulations to the Winners

Name: Oluwatoyin Ajibade
Course: Salesforce Administrator Course

Name: Nonso Ogini

Course: Product Design

Name: Bilqis Apole
Course: Data Analytics

Name: Gladys Gordon
Course: Business Analysis

Name: Adesina Glory
Course: Product Marketing

Name: Ajayi Omotoyosi
Course: Product Design

Name: Sam-Mbok Ruth
Course: Business Analysis

Congratulations to the Winners