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This project is a Non-profit Project By Heels & Tech

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will change the face of technology and innovation forever? Join us in the revolution of empowerment and inclusion as we introduce "Project 100,000 Girls into Tech" led by the visionary team at Heels & Tech, with a dedicated focus on "Jasmine Discovers Tech."


Our Mission

At “Project 100,000 Girls into Tech,” we’re on a quest to rewrite the narrative of the tech world. Our mission is crystal clear: to empower, educate, and inspire young girls from all walks of life to venture into the boundless realm of technology. We believe that every girl holds the potential to become a tech trailblazer, and it’s time to provide them with the opportunities and resources they deserve.

Why "Jasmine Discovers Tech" Matters

 “Jasmine Discovers Tech” is not just a book; it’s a symbol of the journey we want to take every girl on. Through Jasmine’s captivating adventures and discoveries, we’re breaking down the stereotypes and glass ceilings that have held back young girls from exploring the world of tech. This initiative is built upon the belief that diversity drives innovation, and we’re making sure every girl has a seat at the tech table.

Our Three Pillars


 We are giving girls the tools, mentorship, and support they need to become confident tech leaders of tomorrow


Project 100,000 Girls into Tech” will provide accessible and engaging tech education resources, from coding workshops to robotics programs.


By sharing stories of incredible women who’ve made their mark in the tech industry, we’re igniting the flames of inspiration in young hearts.

Join Us on This
Transformational Journey

Let’s not just imagine a world where tech knows no gender, but let’s build it, one girl at a time. Together, we will reach our audacious goal of launching 100,000 girls into tech. Will you be a part of this monumental change?

Explore the limitless possibilities of “Jasmine Discovers Tech” and join the movement to reshape the future of tech. Let’s make history together!

Impact the life of a girl child by donating a copy

Abridged version of the book

When most people think about technology or the tech world, there is this subtle thought that it is a difficult space. So depending on upbringing, some people develop a mental block towards careers in the digital technology sector. 

This is why I decided to write this book through the fusion of facts and fiction. I introduce the readers to the basics of the technology space while engaging them in the story.

Through Jasmine’s experiences in this story, the young readers see another reality. The young girls see that tech is not just for males; they are captivated by the realities that exist.

This story sparks curiosity and awakens their creative side.

The story is set in secondary, through junior secondary and senior secondary. They experience the long-lasting friendship that Jasmine shared with her two besties (Remi & Fisayo) and the support she enjoyed from her parents. Jasmine as a character is an inquisitive young girl who never gave up till she found answers to her questions. The story of Jasmine takes the readers on a journey showcasing curiosity, friendship, mentorship with her cousin Lyndia, a talented writer who introduced the concept of remote work to her and asked her to create a community for her friends on tiktok, sharing useful information. This led to her getting a part-time job with Mr. Wale whom she helped resurrect his business which had collapsed as a result of the pandemic, respect and most importantly, triumph into discovering a tech career(one which blended commerce and tech) that finally suits her character and personality. There are many examples and stories that the young readers will find relatable. 

There is a section at the end of each chapter titled, “Digital Dictionary”. This section explores select topics that have been mentioned in the chapter’s story, in more detail.

At the end of the book, there is a reference section with Google search prompts for the readers to learn more about the topics discussed.

These are some of the topics explored:

  • How tech startups are formed
  • Coronavirus outbreak and impact on the world
  • The concept of remote working
  • Startup and venture capitals. What’s it all about and how to start one
  • History and progression of the tech world. The dotcom bubble 
  • The world of social media gigs

While the main character is a female, this book is not just for females. The young boys will also find it interesting. The main character is female so as to help the female readers easily visualise themselves in the story and further deconstruct the myth that Tech is just for males.

This book might just serve as an Intro to Tech companion.

Enjoy a copy and support us to share many more to schools.

Book Title: Jasmine Discovers Tech

Book Author: Bisola Alabi

Total number of pages: 112

Publisher: LightHouseBeams Publishing

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