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As companies and individuals struggle to compete in an increasingly technological economy, we have provided a platform to close the global skills gap.

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To close the gender gap between women and tech


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What You Are Going To Learn

Business Analysis

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Advanced Admin (Salesforce Administrator II)

Data Analytics

Product Design

Product Marketing

SAP HR Success Factor

Product Management


Digital Marketing


Agile Methodology


Start Learning

How To Transition To Tech

Technology is the new oil. Getting a tech job in this time and age is like working in an oil Company. This video will be useful if you wish to relocate to the UK, US, Canada or Australia and wish to start a new life.

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Microsoft Power BI

Every organization needs a Data Analyst as there is an influx of data everywhere. One of the most powerful and most popular tools used as a Data Analyst is the Microsoft Power BI.

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Introduction To Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is used in nearly every industry and companies today, and it keeps expanding in the market. If you’re interested in a career in this fast-growing field, the place to start is with the Salesforce Administration.

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Introduction to Scrum

The world is fast changing from how projects used to be implemented. Prior to what we now term as Agile, the process used to be waterfall. Agile methodology is new and trending now, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn something new.

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Heels and Tech Testimonials

What Our Students Are Saying

The class was very informative, a great mix of theoretical and hands-on. Working with the tools was also great and the knowledge can be transferred to other areas in my career especially the collaborative tool like Jira


Student – Business Analysis

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