Product Management Course


  • Do you like being the ring leader in a group?
  • Are you a curious observer of life?
  • Do you have a keen eye for seeing opportunities in situations or things?
  • Are you adaptable?
  • Do you consider yourself a problem solver?

If you have any of these amazing qualities, then Product Management is a perfect fit for you. Some famous people who were first product managers before they became CEOs are Jeff Bezos – Amazon, Kevin Systrom – Instagram, and Marissa Mayer – Yahoo. The average salary of a product manager in the US is 111,000 U.S. dollars. In Germany, its 66,000 euros and in India, it’s 37,000 U.S. dollars. Currently, there is an over 50% increase in product manager roles with a number of these roles being remote job roles.

If you are ready to build a strong portfolio in product management and begin to earn great pay cheques at a well-established company, take action today by registering for our product management course.

Course Outline:

  • Product Thinking
  • Product Design and UX Research
  • Product Metrics
  • Product Strategy
  • Agile Development and Scrum Framework
  • Product Prioritization
  • Product Road mapping and Stakeholder Management
  • Product Growth
  • Product Launch
  • How to get your next PM job

On the completion of this course, you will walk away with:

  • 1. The tools to develop a comprehensive product roadmap that is informed by a product vision and strategy
  • 2. A diverse set of product management skills applicable to various product disciplines, including product management, marketing, user experience, and business analytics
  • 3. The skills to create go-to-market strategies and measure product performance using key metrics
  • 4. Become and Agile Product Owner and learn how to use industry standard tools like Pivotal tracker, Axure, and Popplet
  • 5. Build your product portfolio with step-by-step exercises that will take your product idea from concept to spec


This course has no prerequisites. You do not have to have a technical background, just a passion to design products

Who this course is for:

  • Product Managers who want to succeed at their jobs
  • People who want to transition into a Product Management Career
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn the process on how to build a killer product
  • Junior Product Managers who want to learn how to become irreplaceable at their jobs

Here’s what you should do right now:

The price for this course is ₦150,000. Within just 6-weeks you can upskill to becoming a product manager. We only admit 30 people per cohort to ensure one-on-one engagement with our students in order to have practical hands-on training.

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