Young Women killing it in tech

Young Women killing it in tech

Young Women killing it in tech

It’s 2021 and women are gradually breaking free from stereotypes that made us believe tech was a man’s world and that to be in tech you must learn to code.

There are several non coding tech roles, and women are killing it in these fields (the coding ones too).

In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the young Nigerian women killing it in tech. So, sit tight and get ready to be inspired and motivated to break into tech too and become a tech babe.

Exceptional Women in Tech Space

1. Damilola Oludumila

Damilola Oludumila is one of the young women killing it in the tech industry. A technologist and user researcher at webflow. She obtained her First Degree from Covenant University where she studied Economics and Graduated with First Class Honors.

Her work experience includes;

  • Graduate Assistant
  • Coding Instructor
  • Data Analyst
  • A Product Owner
  • UI/UX designer
  • Sessional Instructor
  • Freelance product designer & strategist

She has exceptional proficiency in 

  • Microsoft office
  • Microsoft excel
  • Research
  • Project management
  • Database Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Photoshop 
  • PowerPoint 
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Data Analytics etc. 

Despite her starting out as an Economist, she found love in the Tech space and has remained. Her journey started from her undergraduate years during entrepreneurship classes. There she made a decision to explore the use of technological tools on her entrepreneurship journey. 

An entrepreneur’s goal is to identify a problem and provide a solution. As a Techpreneur, Tech tools are used to identify and provide this solution. She decided to work as a User Researcher was her best bet. This is quite remarkable because as at when she started, this niche was scarcely explored.

She had to conduct research activities that helps the company know how users perceive their service/product. In turn, this result helps the company provide better service to their users. The job also comes with guiding team members through their research struggles.

This tech queen is currently building a tech community @ collat and exploring conversational technology

2. Peace Itimi

Peace Itimi is a Marketing and Growth whizz. Peace is a Co-founder at Kuwaza Africa. She is also a Teacher, Youtuber, Tedx speaker, Lead at Women Will (Lekki) and ‘The Future Awards Africa nominee ’19 (media)’. Peace studied Medical Biochemistry at Delta State University.

She has Certifications in;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategy and Planning 
  • Marketing Professional

Her work experience includes;

  • Quality Control in a Bottling Company
  • Google Student Ambassador
  • Marketing and Communications Associate
  • Digital Account Manager
  • Co-founder/ performance marketing lead
  • Trainer for Facebook creators
  • Digital marketing trainer
  • Head of marketing
  • Performance marketing lead
  • Growth lead
  • growth marketing manager
  • Growth mentor

Currently, she is the Head of Growth at Hover Developer Services, inc. She uses her skills in digital marketing to help tech startups grow their businesses. Also, she helps them build quality products. Asides from, tech she is also dedicated to mentoring people. 

Her achievement so far in the tech space includes;

  • First google student ambassador at delta state university
  • Fellow at the young African leader’s initiative
  • Winning the star award for business and entrepreneurship in her cohort at YALI
  • Nominee of the future awards 
  • She has trained over 6000 people in Africa for a multinational
  • Digital marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in Nigeria

3. Mitchelle Chibundu

Mitchelle Chibundu is a graduate of marine biology and biological oceanography from the University of Lagos. She was a lead product designer at Flutterwave and now a product designer at Wise. She is skilled in design writing, user interface design, user experience and user research etc

Mitchelle’s flair for creativity and working in a structured environment led her into the tech space. Her journey is rather an interesting one. She went from being a makeup artist to becoming a professional product designer.

Mitchelle is passionate about designing products that people would love and trust. She is passionate about teaching product design.

You can also fan to flame your passion to explore the tech space. If you are inspired by Mitchelle’s story, and will love to use your design background or interest in tech, start with our free introduction to UX design.

4. Jennifer Okafor

Jennifer Okafor is a product manager at Voyance. She obtained a degree in mass communication/media studies from Babcock University. She is skilled in product management, Content development & Editing, Data analysis and Wireframing etc.

Voyance is a company that builds accessible data infrastructure for emerging businesses. As a product manager, her job is to communicate and prioritize. She communicates with internal and external stakeholders for Research, collates ideas, manages user feedback and stays on top of the progress. She is always excited to provide clarity and direction for others.

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5. Our students are also some of the most inspiring women we know in tech. From completing courses while nursing babies to landing tech jobs and even our Business Analysis students who recently developed a fintech wedding app at the African Events Industry.


Just like all these ladies have carved for themselves a space in the tech world, you also can. Though this article focused on young women, there is no age barrier.

From their stories, you would observe that background knowledge is not a critical requirement. The only skill needed to start killing it in the tech world is your learning ability.

Get started with any of our courses.

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