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Become a Business Analyst and Kickstart your BA Career

USD 650/NGN 250,000

Become a Certified Salesforce Admin Specialist

USD 650/NGN 250,000

Become a Salesforce Advanced Administrator in 4 weeks

USD 650/NGN 250,000

Start Your Journey To Being A Data Champion

NGN 75,000

Learn To Build Digital Products In Just 6-Weeks By Taking Our Product Design Course

USD 300/NGN 100,000

This Product marketing program combines the latest thinking with hands-on experience to inspire and increase performance along every dimension for profound marketing impact

NGN 100,000

Learn How To Level Up From Carrying Out Manual HR Processes To Automating And Optimizing Your Processes

USD 400

Upskill To Become A Product Manager In 6-Weeks

NGN 150,000

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