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17 Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding Skills

17 Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding Skills

How often do you see online banter about tech and it’s mostly talks about software, html, running code and some other (boring) technical stuff? Quite often, yeah?

And now you have questions like ‘is tech all about coding?’ ‘Do I need to learn coding in order to land a tech job?’ Simple answer, no!

In fact a research on over 500,000 LinkedIn profiles of US professionals, showed that tech has 3x more non-techies than technical workers. So there is enough room for you and I who have 0 interest in learning to code!

For so long the coding jobs (and the men in the industry) have gotten so much PR, it’s almost like they’re all that exists.

I wanted to change that narrative so I went on a quest to compile this list of 17 tech jobs that require absolutely no coding skills. Here, you’ll get the gist on what each job entails, how much money you can expect to make, and women killing it in these fields too.

By the time you’re done with this article, the next step will be enrolling you into one of our 100% practical courses and on your way to becoming a tech sis too just like my friend Oyindamola. Let’s go!?

A review by Oyindamola

PS. This article contains figures obtained from Glassdoor and Embroker.

Customer Support

Female customer support LinkedIn

Abby Armada works as a Customer Support Manager at Flickr.

Customer support troubleshoots. This tech job supports customers when experiencing problems with a tech product or service. Customer support gives customers a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting an issue with the tech product, additional information on better use of the product, and any other technical assistance customers may require. 

What skills does a Customer Support Need? 

  1. Ability to intercept and diffuse conflict before it escalates.
  2. Must be a good listener
  3. Must be empathetic towards customers.
  4. Efficient use of customer relationship management (CRM) tools
  5. Great communication skills

How to become Customer support?

 One of the key skills needed to kill it as a customer support is the use of CRM tools to help you store and manage customer data. So start with our Certification Salesforce CRM course which is hands-on and equipped to give you all the knowledge you need to succeed as a customer support.

Does customer support pay well?

You can earn at least $41,695 yearly as customer support. 

Brand Designer

Female Nigerian brand designer LinkedIn. Black women in tech

A woman making waves as a brand designer is Banwo Omobolanle. She is the founder of The Female Designer Movement — a movement designed to bring more female brand designers into the tech world. 

Brand designers carefully plan and design the look of a brand or company. They visualize how best to portray a client’s tech brand to potential customers. From design to supervision, a brand designer is just like an architect. They draw up a mockup, give tasks to their team of other techies, and supervise the visualization of their design. 

A brand designer works with a team of other techies like:

  • Graphics designer
  • Web developer
  • Web designer
  • Copywriter
  • Account managers

What skills must I have to become a brand designer?

  1. A creative mind to design a client’s brand idea in the best way possible. 
  2. Ability to proffer solutions to difficulties on their feet. 
  3. Great leadership skills to coordinate with team players and maximize results.
  4. Analytical skills to determine the best marketing strategy for the tech brand.

How to become a brand designer? 

You can become a certified brand designer with this course on Udemy. 

Do brand designers make a lot of money? 

Brand designers make at least $50,198 yearly.

User Interface (UI) Designer

Female Nigerian UI designer. Black women in tech

Chikamdinaka Ofoegbu is a UI Designer at a tech company called Zuri Team.

A UI designer designs the appearance or outlook of a product (app/site). Their responsibility is to create a product that stands out visually. So think of logo placements on sites, button colors, and stuff like that. That’s the work of a UI Designer.

What skills does a UI designer need? 

  1. Good eye for design
  2. Soft skills like communication and ability to work in a team
  3. Wiring, prototyping and use of design tools

How to become a UI designer?

Heels and Tech offers a great course to set you on the right track as a UI designer.

Do UI designers make a lot of money?

UI designers earn more than $90,498 yearly. 

User Experience (UX) Designer

Women in Tech. Female UX Designer

Karen Ko is a User Experience (UX) designer at Adobe. 

A UX designer designs the user experience of a product, in other words they are responsible for how users feel after they come in contact with a product.

Think of when you heard someone say they had a seamless shopping experience on a site, that’s because the UX designer did a great job.

To create a good user experience means to take into consideration the users needs and design features that make that easy. For example, imagine creating a password for an app and after entering in your first choice, the app rejects that and asks you try something else (maybe now they tell you to use a mixture of capital letters, numbers and signs). A good UX will ensure from the first try, users are aware of what acceptable passwords must contain in order to avoid stressing them with do-overs.

What skills does a UX designer need? 

  1.  Empathy and listening skills because to provide people with a seamless experience, you need to hear them and understand them.
  2. Research and writing skills

How to become a UX designer? 

You can get started with our hands-on course which gives you the opportunity to test out principles for yourself.

Do UX designers make a lot of money? 

UX designers earn more than $102,056 yearly. 

What is the difference between a UI and UX designer?

The difference between a UI and UX designer is where the priority of each lies. The priority of the UI designer lies with creating the best looking and navigable product while that of the UX designer lies in ensuring users have an easy use of the app/site.

Customer Success Manager

Black Women in Tech. Female Nigerian Customer Success Manager

Onyinye Uzoefune is a customer success manager at Glade.

A customer success manager ensures the satisfaction of both the tech service provider and the customer. A satisfactory experience from the client and customer is in itself customer success. 

What skills must a Customer Success Manager possess? 

  1. A firm understanding of the expectations of both the client and customers. 
  2. Ability to provide round-the-clock technical support to customers.
  3. Efficient use of CRM tools like Salesforce CRM

How to become a Customer Success Manager?

The most necessary hard skill needed for this tech job is the ability to use CRM tools. Salesforce CRM, which is the most recognized CRM tool is offered under our certification course.

What does a Customer Success Manager make? 

Customer success managers make at least $73,671 a year. 

Solution Specialist

female solutions specialist LinkedIn

Rebecca Toll works as a solutions specialist at a survey company called Qualtrics.

A solution specialist sells tech solutions. This specialist identifies what needs a tech product meets and pitches those solutions to prospective end-users. 

What skills must a solution specialist possess? 

  1. Analytical skills: a solution specialist must capture the perfect set of people a tech product or service suits best. 
  2. Marketing strategy: a solution specialist must develop strategies to sell tech products. 

A solution specialist does not try to sell a tech product to just about anyone. She targets her sales to users that need it. 

How to become a Solution Specialist?

You can take this course on Nakuri to become a solution specialist. 

How much is a Solution Specialist paid? 

A solution specialist earns at least $66,672 yearly. 

Solutions Architect

Women in Tech. Female Solutions Architect Twitter

Laura J Hyatt is a solutions architect at Awscloud. 

A solutions architect matches user issues with technological solutions. It’s like designing a house (as an architect) only that an SA designs solutions. This tech job links the technology with the needs of a user. It also ensures the tech product or service remains in line with that vision. 

Team players a solutions architects work with

  1. Coding team
  2. Business analysts
  3. Project manager.

What skills does a Solutions Architect need? 

  1. Ability to identify a user’s need with a technological solution. 
  2. Great leadership skills

How to become a Solutions Architect? 

Udemy offers a great course to get you certified as a solutions architect

How much is a Solutions Architect paid? 

A solutions architect earns at least $124,777 monthly. 

Business Analyst

Black Woman in Tech. Female Business Analyst

Eva Aziagba is a business analyst at Fintrak Software. 

A business analyst is a very important person/role in any tech driven organization that will last. Her responsibilities include understanding the business and the market, gathering information and working with that to meet the company’s needs in the most efficient manner. This video clearly explains with examples the role of a BA.

How to Become a Business Analyst?

Heels and Tech offers a great course to get you certified as a business analyst.

Do Business Analysts make a lot of money? 

You can earn more than $74,833 yearly as a business analyst.

Application Support Technician

t: Black Women in Tech. Female Nigerian Application Support Technician

Shittu Nofisat is an Application Support Technician at APMDC NG.

An application support technician sensitizes teams (of a tech start-up) on ways to operate applications.

How to become an Application Support Technician?

Here is an online course by Knowledge Academy to certify you as an application support technician.

How much does an Application Support Technician make? 

An application support technician earns at least $41,260 yearly. 

Product Manager

Black Women in Tech. Female Product Manager

Oluwatobi Otokiti is a Senior Growth Manager at Flutterwave and founder of Product Dive. 

This non-coding tech job provides the roadmap for any tech project. Product managers can be likened to the secret ingredient in running a successful tech venture.

So what roles does a product manager have? 

  1. Do market research to discover tech products that would sell
  2. Create a strategy on how to raise capital to fund the tech project. 
  3. Analyze possible profit margin.

What skills does a product manager have? 

  1. Analytical skills
  2. Great communication skills
  3. A solid understanding of what technology users need. 

How to become a Product Manager

Here is an intensive course on our website to get you started as a product manager

Do Product Managers make a lot of money? 

You can earn over $110,504 yearly as a product manager.

Software Quality Tester

Black Women in Tech. Female Software Quality Tester

Damilola Awujoola is a Quality Assurance Software Tester at Suretree systems.

A software quality tester tests new software for compliance with tech standards and guidelines. People with this tech job determine whether a tech product is ready to be put on the market. 

What skills does a Software Quality Tester need? 

  1. Prior knowledge and experience with scrum management.
  2. Analytical skills: a software quality tester should record developments during testing and bring up new ways to test the tech product. 

How to Become a Software Quality Tester?

You can start a certificate course on software quality tester at Udemy. Certificate exams are also available on ISTQ

How much does a Software Quality Tester make? 

A software quality tester makes a minimum of  $62,992 yearly.

Web Analytics Specialist

Women of Color in Tech. Female Indian Web Analytics Specialist)

Sadaf A. is a Senior Web Analytics Consultant at Deloitte India. 

A web analytics specialist analyzes website performance with recorded data from analytical tools. People with this non-coding job measure web performance based on:

  1. User experience
  2. How fast visitors to the client’s web leave (bounce rate) 
  3. Web traffic, etc. 

Tech tools used by Web Analytics Specialist

  1. Google Analytics 
  2. Chartbeat
  3. User testing, etc. 

How to become a Web Analytics Specialist?

You can start a course on web analytics at Udemy

What skills does a Web Analytics Specialist need? 

Here is an online course to get you started as a web analytics specialist.

How much does a Web Analytics Specialist make? 

A web analytics specialist earns at least $87,342 yearly.

Growth Hacker

Black women in tech. Female Nigerian Growth Hacker

Teju Adeyinka is Head of Growth at BuyCoinsAfrica.. 

Growth hackers hack the growth code for a tech company. Okay, no coding is involved 🙂 However, the sole purpose of a growth hacker is to devise as many ways as possible to make a client’s tech business experience maximum growth.

How to Become a Growth Hacker?

You can take an online course to become a certified Growth Hacker here

What skills does a Growth Hacker need? 

  1. A growth hacker must be genuinely curious about carrying out growth hack experiments that can boost the growth of a tech business. 
  2. Analytical skills: a growth hacker must identify strategies 
  3. Marketing skills. 

Do Growth Hackers make a lot of money? 

Growth hackers earn over $85,002 yearly.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Black women in tech. Female Nigerian SEO Specialist

Petra Nna works as a search Engine Optimization Specialist at a betting company called LuckyBet.

An SEO specialist runs the organic methods necessary to improve the rank and quality of (to the user) website.  SEM specialists are the brains behind the search results you see on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

What skills do I need to be an SEO specialist? 

  1. Knowledge of SEO methods — off-page and on-page. 
  2. Ability to gauge and improve weak ‘links’ in a client’s website.

How do I become an SEO specialist?

  1. You can enroll in great online courses such as Udemy to become an SEO specialist.
  2. Research SEO techniques and tools.
  3. Practice and measure your success. 

How much does as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist make? 

The minimum income you can earn monthly as an SEO specialist is $45,672.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist

Women in Tech. Female SEM Specialist

Anh Ngoc Nguyen works as a senior SEM Specialist at Deliveroo. 

A search engine marketing specialist runs the paid, digital side of business marketing. SEM specialists study internet trends and figure out how best to optimize a client’s business. SEM specialists are the brains behind the search results you see on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

What exactly are the roles of an SEM specialist? 

  1. Run online ads for client’s businesses. 
  2. Optimize the client’s budget to maximize profits.
  3. Analyze and optimize client’s websites to rank #1 on search engines 

How to become a Search Engine Marketing Specialist?

Udemy offers you a certified course to become an SEM specialist. 

How much does a Search Engine Marketing Specialist make? 

The average salary of an SEM specialist is $49,577

What is the difference between an SEO and SEM specialist?

SEO specialists improve the ranking of websites through organic analytics (e. g. HTML, keywords, links). SEM specialists grow website rankings with money. By running ads or paying readers per click, etc. 

Tech Support Specialist

Female Nigerian Technical Support. Black Woman in Tech.

Whenume Hundeyin works as a technical support specialist at Bowie State University.

A tech support specialist provides technical solutions for hardware and software issues.

What exactly are the roles of a tech support specialist?

  1. Keep software up-to-date 
  2. Provide hardware maintenance. 
  3. Assist users in solving hardware or software problems. 

What skills are required for tech support? 

  1. Prior knowledge and familiarity with IT-related issues and solutions.
  2. Ability to provide technical assistance to the end-user on computer-related problems. 
  3. Ability to simplify solutions as much as possible for the end-user. 

How do I become a Tech Support Specialist?

Take this course on Udemy to become a tech support specialist

How much money does a technical support specialist make?

A technical support specialist earns $41,260 or more yearly.

Getting Started on Non-coding Tech Jobs

How can I get started on tech jobs that require no coding skills? 

At Heels and Tech, we offer professional courses streamlined to teach you to be a top gun in any of these tech jobs. You learn at your own pace. 

What courses are available on your website? 

Heels and Tech website offers courses on non-coding tech jobs such as:

  1. SAP HR Success Factors
  2. Product management
  3. Business Analysis
  4. UI/UX Design

Here’s what Adebusola Adediran, who took a business analysis course, had to say:

A review on the business analysis course by Heels and Tech website
A review on the business analysis course by Heels and Tech website

“I feel like I have BA career already and I’m fully equipped for the Canadian market. What even surprised me the most was the LinkedIn optimization class”


In this article, the wrong notion on who or what tech jobs involve was cleared. Women and people who have no love for the technicality that comes with coding can be actively involved in tech spaces. 

There was also a list of tech jobs that require no coding skills. A quick recap on those:

  1. Customer Support 
  2. Brand Designer 
  3. User Interface (UI) Designer
  4. User experience (UX) Designer
  5. Customer Success Manager
  6. Solution Specialist
  7. Solution Architect
  8. Business Analyst
  9. Product Manager
  10. SAP HR Professional
  11. Software Quality Tester
  12. Web Analytics Specialist 
  13. Growth Hacker
  14. Search Engine Optimization Specialist 
  15. Search Engine Marketing Specialist
  16. Tech Support Specialist
  17. Application Support Technician

Final Thoughts

What makes these non-coding tech jobs important in the tech world? The 2021 Startup Statistics by Embroker showed 90% of new start-ups fail and 10% fail within the first year. 29% of those failure rates are due to poorly managed startup capital. Software development is not all that there is to running a successful tech company. You need professionals to handle the core operations involved, from execution to sales. 

Techies with non-coding tech jobs handle those operations while maximizing capital.

If you have been looking for the door to the tech world, here is a nudge in that direction. Your relevance in the tech world is just as crucial as the coders! 


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  2. Source for the failure rate of start-ups: Embroker
  3. Learning resources for tech jobs that don’t require coding skills:
    1. Heels and Tech17-tech-jobs-that-dont-require-coding-skills
    2. Udemy
    3. Zuri Team
    4. edX

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