Women in Tech: How To Stand Out In A Male Dominated Industry

Women in Tech: How To Stand Out In A Male Dominated Industry

Women have taken the initiative to embrace the evolving of the world into the digital era. They have come out and become bold enough in doing exploits in the tech industry and since then, they have been making waves. However, the journey is not usually lined up with roses along the way and they have to fight to keep their relevance and stand out in the tech industry.

The tech industry is not male dominated and women have a hard time fitting in and getting recognized. The misconception that tech is a man’s thing and women belong to less technical careers is making female recognition in tech all the more worse. How then do women shine brightly in this industry?

Before we delve right into that, let’s look at some of the reasons women are underestimated and pushed to the background in the industry.

Lack of support

Most women long for the right amount of support, both financial and emotional, for them to make a mark in the tech industry. Imagine a world where most of the population is gender-based, and then one’s circle or immediate community thinks the same. If there aren’t enough people to support one’s dream, whether family or friends, many women just crawl back into their shells.

Low self-esteem and the feeling of incompetence

Everybody goes through this stage but for women in the tech industry, it is worse than people think. So many inventions and ideas springing forth from every nook and cranny and she’s thinking “can I even do this? What can I create? What can I bring forth?” There is always that voice that tells them they can’t do it or they aren’t enough. In fact, some women still go through class after class, believing they don’t have things yet to offer.

Lack of voice

Many women have been told that for them to be fully grounded in their various industries, they have to rub the back of fellow individuals who will help them rise to the top. And they fall for these scams, unfortunately. Once they are in, they are used like toilet paper and sometimes aren’t discarded early but they are definitely worn out. Sexual harassment happens. They are turned into messengers and errand girls. Some even turn into people pleasers. They don’t have the strength to fight anymore. They just take what they see and believe that’s all there is to it.

As we have written in our past articles, there are still people who believe that the tech world cannot include women and these doubts about women’s abilities hover in the air. Here are some ways women can make a difference in the tech industry.

Be Confident and Assertive

Confidence and assertiveness are the number one things that can make anyone stand out. Who are you exactly? What do you want? Why are you there? When you can answer these questions, it gives you that morale boost of being able to achieve anything because you already know who you are, your aim and your purpose. Confidence helps you get good jobs. It is one of the things recruiters look for and who knows you may be the one to stand out to them.

Anyone can be confident. Anyone can know what they want to do exactly (assertiveness). What next?

Be worth your onion

If at all you are going to sound the gong about your values and your skills, you must be worthy of yourself and the skills you possess. Nobody wants to work with or employ substandard or mediocre skills. This will give you the respect you deserve and you will stop being mocked or laughed at.

Speak up

Be a creative contributor wherever you find yourself. Don’t believe or think you don’t have anything worthy of being said. Like we said above, when you are worth your onion, you have to live up to what you are proclaiming. Your opinion has value. So speak, contribute. Promote yourself and your skills. This elevates people’s thought patterns and yours also.

Focus on the positive

This might look hard because, despite all measures you can take, it might still be hard for you to blend in as a woman in the tech world. Don’t allow it to overwhelm you. Seek out people who can be allies. The narrative changes when you are more positive and look on the bright side. Look at challenges in the face and take them on. You are fierce yet subtle.

Join A Women’s Support Group

 If there are none, you could create one if you feel up to it. Many other women feel the same way as you. They feel there are too many other people making waves and there is nothing different about them. Groups like these offer support to women who feel pressured and pressed in the tech industry. It can cut across any company and expand to other companies in the industry. Being a part of groups like this can help keep you motivated as you grow in your field.

Brand yourself on social media.

As a woman, you have many mediums at your disposal and the social media is one of them. Put yourself out there, be loud about what you do. The social media is the fastest way to reach people, especially your target audience and create awareness about yourself and your brand. You start to get relevant that way. The world has gone remote, even offices that were physical before have gone online because they saw the need.

Keep educating yourself and having more skills.

Another important way to stay on top of the game is to keep being relevant and how do you do this? By not letting your fire die. Learn more. Take more classes. Know new things that you can use in your tech journey. Learning never ends. This way, you are way ahead.

What about you?

So many women have taken some of these measures and have added respect to their names. They are worthy of admiration. How can you join the flow?

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