African Immigrants Who Are Contributing to the International Workforce

African Immigrants Who Are Contributing to the International Workforce

Thousands of Africans have relocated to different countries around the world for different reasons. Some seek greater opportunities, others move because they got a job, or simply wanted a change of environment. 

African immigrants create a great impact on the international labour market. They are making noteworthy contributions to international business and the overall international workforce. It has been proven that immigration increases labour force size, which increases potential economic output. African immigrants by increasing international economic output also contribute to increasing productivity.

African immigrants have shaped a place for themselves in the workforce abroad and are constantly being hired by organizations to oversee, especially organizations that require the services of an IT professional. Although compared to the population in Africa, not a lot of Africans have transitioned into tech, the percentage of Africans in the international tech industry is already causing a great impact. 

At Heels and Tech, we have trained Africans who were planning to migrate on in-demand tech skills in the international workforce. These students were able to transition fully into tech and even got jobs before relocating or shortly relocating. Here are some outstanding African immigrants who trained with us and are making an impact in the workforce abroad.

African Immigrants Who Are Improving the Workforce Abroad


Diana worked as a linguist in Nigeria. She spoke French, Mandarin and Spanish fluently and worked as an interpreter, a translator and a tutor. Diana had plans to move to Canada in search of better opportunities. She enrolled on the Salesforce Administrator course and completed the course in a short time.

Diana had a passion for customer service as well as a background in sales and this motivated her to enrol for a second course — Business Analysis. Shortly after her Business Analysis training, she got a job as a Product Owner in a European organization. Using her knowledge of Salesforce, she was also able to develop a Fintech app that allows couples to plan their weddings and record all expenses needed. Diana currently lives in Canada and she is creating a strong impact in the international community.


Nneka worked as a business manager in Nigeria before she decided to relocate. Having seen the testimonies of some of our immigrant students, she enrolled in the Business Analysis course. She learnt quickly and soon she completed the course. She also received assistance from us to rebrand her CV to fit the international labour market. Shortly after she completed the course, she got a well-paying job with the Australian government as a product manager. Her hard work finally paid off.

Today, Nneka lives in Canada and is contributing greatly to the international workforce.


As a graduate of computer engineering from a Nigerian university, Vivian had an overview of the tech world as a technical analyst and design engineer which she maintained for six years.

She planned to move to Canada to seek bigger opportunities. Before she moved, Vivian decided to learn a marketable skill that had relevance in the Canadian workforce. She enrolled in our beginner-friendly Business Analysis course and started her training. Not long after she completed the course, she got a job in the US – at a Blockchain company that builds digital solutions. It is a great time in Vivian’s life as she was allowed to contribute to the international workforce and relocate to Canada without worrying about finding work.

 Shortly after Vivian arrived in Canada, she got another job in a Canadian government-owned business. As if the blessings were overflowing, she got the third job as Business Intelligence Specialist which was not on contract but a permanent role. Vivian is one of those Africans who are reshaping businesses abroad.


Anu had moved out of the country before she thought of having a relevant skill. It was tough for her. She had choices on whether to settle for less or menial jobs which offered no exposure or whether to continue her job as a support advisor. Thankfully, while in the middle of this dilemma, she discovered Heels and Tech. She was thrilled to discover that she could get a land great paying tech role in Canada if she upskilled. She took a special liking to Business Analysis and soon started her training. 

Six weeks later, Anu completed her course and we helped her prepare her CV for the international workforce and even had interview practice sessions with her. Not long after, she landed a role in a big tech company in British Columbia. Today, Anu is enjoying her career and contributing massively to the international workforce.

You Could Be Next

You could be the next African immigrant to create a big impact in the international workforce. It is never enough to just migrate, it is important that you contribute to the development of your target location. Learning an internationally relevant skill is a great way to start. 
If you are planning to relocate and would love to learn tech skills that will keep you relevant in the workforce even as you relocate, enrol in any of our beginner-friendly courses to get started. Click here to start your journey.

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