Ladies in Tech: How Diversity in Technology is Useful For Everyone

Ladies in Tech: How Diversity in Technology is Useful For Everyone

Diversity in tech has become a topic of conversation since the world became more digital. There is no greater time to welcome people of all standings into the tech industry than now. There are thousands of reasons why people of all genders and races need to be included. And one of them is that an inclusive society brings about changes and changes bring about development. Therefore, diversity brings about growth. 

Many people do not believe in diversity; they’re either tribalistic, racist, gender-biased, etc. Having some of these groups of persons in top leadership positions has made diversity in tech very difficult. It’s not new to see some companies employ a mediocre candidate who has substandard skills just because he is of the same gender or race as them, rather than employ a skilled candidate who isn’t.

Diversity is a critical step for growth. In Nigeria, it first started in the 1960s in the education sector and then, it moved to the workplace in the mid-1960s. To date, people still found it difficult to bring in a blend of colours and races to their industries and companies. Having a diverse company leads to greater creativity and success. Whereas, having only one type of group in a place is boring. There needs to be a spectrum of colours, a variety. Imagine wearing blue from head to toe, while some may say it is beautiful, how it is more beautiful when it is mixed with other colours. That’s what diversity does.

We have evolved to the digital era and we still see the issues of diversity in the tech industry. In this article, we are going to give reasons why we see diversity as important in the tech industry and everyone in it.

Why Diversity is Important in the Tech Industry

It Promotes Competition In The Talent Market

Believe it or not, where there is diversity, there are more creative minds and these minds joined together in companies bring about the best results. How much more the tech industry? 

Diverse Teams Do Better In Performance

They bring in fresh new ideas. Diversity opens the mind of people. There are more huge possibilities for companies that enable diversity to expand and develop themselves more because there is room for improvement and new perspectives.

Diversity Helps Organizations Find the Best Talents 

It helps in scouting for creativity. There are so many people scattered around the world, each of them with their unique gifts and talents. In the tech industry, there is space and room for numerous talents be it software engineering, coding, business analysis, etc.

Customer Care Service Improves With Diversity

49% of employers focus on diversity to be finer at their customer care services. It gives room for better understanding between employee and client and this helps businesses grow. It enables customers to reach out and interact from different parts around the world as a result of the increase in tech. Strong relationships are thereby built.

It fosters interracial relationships in the industry

When there is a good relationship between people of different races and genders in the industry, there will be good progress. Bonds are created, friendships are made and even personal business are conducted for the greater good of the industry. Diversity gives freedom to people who have been castigated from other places and offers no limitations. There is flexibility with diversity.

It’s important to note that without diversity, the world can’t tap into its full richness. There would be a lot of one-sided decisions and events taking place without the least consideration about the people being left out. e.g women. Non-inclusion is bad for business and eventually, everyone is affected.

How To Promote Diversity In The WorkPlace

How can diversity be promoted in the workplace? Here are some ways:


One of the ways companies can reach out to so many talents across the world is by fostering online presence. This is where remote work comes in and in this time and era where technology is rapidly becoming the order of the day, it needs to be checked why some companies haven’t warmed to the idea of going remote. If not fully, partially. Not everyone is going to be able to relocate to New York or Canada or Nigeria because of other commitments. Who said there can’t be other ways?

Hiring Strategy

Some workplaces have just one pattern of hiring. If it’s not this, it’s that. That way, they can’t see what’s ahead of them that they are going to miss out on. People need to be creative, innovative. They need to sharpen their minds and be up to date with the latest strategies. There are so many talents waiting to be picked up.


After embracing diversity, it’s up to the workplace or company to be vocal about how diverse they’ve become and how they welcome open arms to everybody. This will put them in the limelight and attract job seekers who want to put their skills to use. It should be seen that diversity is one of the company’s values.

Mentorship Programs

There can be creation of programs which offer mentorship into the tech world. With this, there is a surety of candidates that will come from around the world to participate and what better way to express it as a company’s value than allowing integration through participation? Women leaders can take this up, thereby connecting with fellow young females and aiding their growth in the tech world.

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