Why Cohort Learning Training Platform Is Beneficial For Women

Why Cohort Learning Training Platform Is Beneficial For Women

Today’s woman has so much on her plate.

She’s trying to be a good mum. A good wife/partner. A good friend. She still needs to make out time for her self-care. All this while also trying to maintain or develop a career.

It has never been easy to juggle life as a woman. And as the years have gone by and more women are rejecting the age-long statement that they belong in the kitchen, and taking their place in the corporate world, it’s gotten even harder.

Which is where cohort learning programs come in.

If women must learn, and acquire the necessary skills to compete in today’s world, they need platforms and programs that are considerate of the different lifestyles we live.

What is Cohort Learning?

Cohort learning is a shared educational or learning approach where a group of students goes through the learning materials or courses together. Rather than individually.

Cohort learning promotes a communal approach to learning where everyone is carried along at the same pace. Here, everyone has the same schedules, deadlines, and activity log.

The focus of a teacher in this form of learning is not just teaching or providing students with material. The focus here is to ensure every single person not only understands but is also carried along.

How Does Cohort Learning Differ From Other Forms Of Learning?

From traditional physical classes to online classes, there are a whole lot of learning styles out there. And they all have their individual strengths and weaknesses. But here, we’ll be looking at how they compare to cohort learning.

  • Unlike most online courses which are already pre-recorded so don’t guarantee you access to a course instructor, cohort learning happens live and with a guide to see you through each class/course.
  • Most online learning programs are self-paced. Meaning you can learn and complete modules in your own time. While this can be a good thing, it’s also a disadvantage because it encourages procrastination and results in unfinished courses. In cohort learning programs, students follow the same schedule and deadlines. This encourages you to meet up with deadlines and even complete your learning program in the expected time.
  • Traditional classes typically happen in a physical classroom and see a large number of students. Meanwhile, cohort learning can happen anywhere. Especially virtually using Zoom, or even on WhatsApp & Telegram groups. And usually takes a small number of students. So you can join in from any part of the world which makes learning a more flexible experience. Not many forms of learning promote communal support except maybe during group projects. But in cohort learning, the presence of a community is a defining factor. Students get to learn and work together, not just for group assignments. In cohort learning programs, every student follows the same pace which makes it easier to work, learn, and bond with each other.

Why are Cohort Learning Platforms Considered Beneficial To Women?

Even though the world is becoming more open to fathers taking a more active role in childcare, the truth is, we still have a long way to go because the bulk of the work still lies on women.

According to research, more women than men take online classes because women have to find a way to balance both family and work. So the presence of virtual learning methods helps women acquire knowledge, and skills and is a great attempt at closing the workforce gap.

Cohort learning platforms are by design beneficial to women because:

  • It helps them learn new and important skills from their homes.
  • Not only that, because it involves the use of schedules and deadlines, it gives them a structure that is especially important for busy mums and women in the workforce.
  • It also gives them a community to learn from and with. This makes their journey easier to manage and eventually go through. This community also gives them access to mentors and partners they may need.

Heels and Tech: A Cohort Learning Platform Specifically for Women

It’s not easy to find learning programs that are built/designed specifically with women’s struggles or goals in mind. Most cohort programs are for everyone.

At Heels and Tech, our goal is to get more women into the tech industry by providing them with access to tech skills globally in demand.

Our students are from different parts of the world and consist of mums who want to get back into the workforce after almost 10 years of being full-time mums to professional women looking to transition from a 9-5 to something in tech.

A major focus of our classes asides from providing the best knowledge is ensuring each and every student is carried along and no one is left behind.

You can learn more about our cohort learning platform and the courses we offer on our website or simply book a free consultation with us.

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