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Most stock investment apps out there are not user friendly. There are lots of unnecessary elements built in them thereby making experience terrible for users. This project was born out of these frustrations. The app was designed for individuals to be able to invest in stocks from the comfort of their homes/offices via a mobile app. An app that will be

It is usually a struggle to find good tailors that are professional and reliable. You hardly find the tailors that keep up the promise to deliver on time. Sometimes when you do, you might still have to go through market stress and the trouble of getting the right fabric for a particular design. The goal is to bridge the gap between

Around the world there are major health related issues due to high traffic volumes and many drivers on the road. CO2 is consumed much more with having so many cars on the road. These are the problems that biggest cities are facing. So I developed an app for a ride sharing company. With user research, there’s been issues with drivers canceling

So after I started feeling blue earlier this year, I decided to change job environment maybe it will help my mood. Then I got a job at ikeja, Toyin roundabout……….getting good food around ikeja was gold, if I want to eat decent meal I have to enter keke towards Opebi or towards Allen junction to buy food and after everything ….the

At the peak of my career, I have a little experience in customer relations, my most experience is being a teacher but covid opened my eye to think of switching my career, which led me to Heels and Tech. Yes, I did not have any background knowledge of tech or even science, I studied history and international relations, reaching out to

As an oil and gas engineer and an environmental specialist, who currently work with cruise line company as a sales support specialist, I found salesforce admin training to be very effective. The 6 weeks training was indeed intense and practical. The trailhead tools was more like hands on experience, a top notch tool. And to the salesforce trainer, I will

I studied Secretarial Administrative and also have Masters in International Business Management. I worked in the Financial Service sector for 15 years in Nigeria before relocation to Canada and my area of specialisation is majorly Customer Service and Administrative due to the fact that I have passionate solving problems. At the beginning it seemed it was going to be tough and

I’m a project management professional with extensive hands-on experience in the project environment and I have a Masters in International Business Management. My experience learning Salesforce at Heels & Tech was very insightful, interesting and challenging. Learning Salesforce was an eye opener to many opportunities within the tech space for new beginners without prior tech experience. Our instructor was phenomenal, he had

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