7 Tips For Creating The Ideal CV For Any Tech Job

7 Tips For Creating The Ideal CV For Any Tech Job

Consider your CV as a personality that introduces you to your prospective boss in your absence. It is usually best to think through what physical contact with this boss would look like before you make an attempt to create a CV.

First, I think that this boss certainly has little time to pay attention to you as is usually the case, so you have to make the best impression in as little time as possible. Ask yourself the following questions?

  • If I had but 5 minutes to make an impression on my prospective employer, what would I let them know first?
  • What is the unique selling point I bring to the table? (ensure you have a competitive advantage over the average person in your field)
  • Because the tech industry is constantly growing and changing, employers certainly favour prospects that seem interested in learning; when was the last time you learned something new in relation to your job?
  • If this CV were an Ad, have I done a good job of advertising myself?

Here are some tips for creating the ideal, irresistible CV

1. Make your resume ATS-friendly:

You could go so far as to pass your CV through ATS scans. Some research shows that 75% of job applications are rejected before they are seen by human eyes. ATS is a type of resume scanning software used by recruiters during the hiring process to collect, sort, scan and rank the job applications they receive for open positions. Because this software is designed to sideline the least qualified candidates in favour of the more qualified ones that should be passed across to the recruiter by categorizing the contents of the resume much like Google scanning it for specific and relevant keywords to determine its relevance;

a qualified candidate who has neither written nor formatted his CV with the ATS in mind could be easily passed over, just like educative but non-SEO-friendly content.

2. Observe and follow the more successful and experienced people in your industry and take action accordingly:

In tech, things change every day. Every new day people are discovering new opportunities to make money with technology, and new job roles are being created daily too. One has to be informed about these things. For some roles in tech, certain qualifications are essential. For example data analysts: there is the IBM certification which may not be compulsory, but an unspoken rule in the industry suggests that it places you at least 10 steps above data analysts who do not obtain it.

Always keep up with the trends of your industry. This does not mean that you have to do everything that everyone is doing or that you have to clone a particular successful person. It only means that the successful people in the industry do something differently; success leaves clues. Follow these people and find these clues then apply what you have learned with a pinch of salt.

3. Have a master CV and have it customized every time you are in search of a job:

Many tech roles are interconnected, so many roles cut across each other while remaining distinct. Take for example the roles of a digital marketer and a growth marketer. A marketer can serve as both and may have done so. Her master’s CV should contain information about everything she has ever done in her marketing career: the time frame, success with evidence, experience garnered, maybe a few lessons learned, and certifications garnered in the process.
However, if she is interested in a company advertising for a growth marketer her CV should be customized accordingly.

4. Give useful and verifiable information about where you have worked, what you have done, and evidence of your achievements:

The world has indeed become a global village. Most things are done online nowadays, meaning that most things are verifiable. A CV submitted online should take advantage of this. Use links to save your employer time and to get in their good graces. Link to your achievements, got a good review from a former employer? Link it up. Have a great positioning on LinkedIn? Link it up

5. Ask for reviews and recommendations from employers:

if you do a good job you will be more confident to ask your employer for reviews and recommendations. This is where work ethics come in. Ensure that you do not burn your bridges after you cross them because you may need to come back. Don’t let your relationship with past employers go sour because you do not work with or for them anymore and don’t begin to neglect your job at the dawn of better employment, thereby earning a bad reputation for yourself. You may just have to walk back across that river only to discover that the bridges have been burnt, by you.

6. Know that as long as you live, your CV will always be a work in progress:

Don’t sit on the sideline waiting to acquire groundbreaking certifications and qualifications before you begin to apply for jobs. Never forget that your experience is a whole part of your CV. Don’t leave that out for anything else. Your CV should account for your time in the industry. It would be strange that for 2 whole years, you went from acquiring one qualification and certification to another without practicing anything. That will look and sound strange to any prospective employer, so ensure that you are putting into practice the new skills and insights garnered from qualifications and certifications.

7. Another thing that you need a good dose of is confidence:

Confidence is fluid- it has a way of finding its way unnoticed into everything that we do. An unconfident person writes a CV and somehow you can just tell that this person does not believe in herself, she seems even more skeptical than the prospective employer.

However, confidence does not come overnight. It is grown and nurtured. The more you learn and apply and make mistakes and learn from them, the more you grow and the more confident you naturally become. And you know what? People sense it and treat both you and your CV accordingly.

If you need help in revamping your CV or maybe, just a few pointers, reach out to you here.

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