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From Accountant to Business Analyst

From Accountant to Business Analyst

From Accountant to Business Analyst

Feyisara Adeniyi

Accounting and tech seem to us as a very lovely duo. How was Feyisara able to do it?

In most Nigerian universities, accounting ends on book and paper, and maybe a digital spreadsheet. So, an accounting graduate (who has no external training) will most likely not be tech-inclined or hone any tech skill related to accounting. 

The amazing lady whose story you are about to read now started as an accountant, but now, she works with a tech firm in a prominent tech-based role. We presume the question on most women’s minds will be, “how did she do it?”. Well, ladies, that is just what you are about to find out!

Meet Feyisara Adeniyi

Feyisara describes herself as an accountant, agripreneur, mother, and wife. She graduated with great results from a top university in Nigeria. After school, she got a job as an accountant and also worked as an entrepreneur in the agricultural sector. It was a great life and great progress, but Feyisara wished to take things further and bag bigger achievements. Also, she saw how big and lucrative the tech industry was getting and decided to become a part of it while it was early.

Feyisara found us and wrote to us telling us of her interest in tech and how she wanted to transition without trouble. She also told us she had taken interest in the Business Analysis course and wanted to start as soon as she could. We were glad to have Feyisara join us, and we worked our asses off to ensure she has an enabling learning environment and the right tutors and mentors to help her transition smoothly.

From Accountant to Business Analyst

Like most new students, Feyisara was dazed by her discoveries about the tech industry and was sceptical if she would indeed successfully transition into tech. Our course instructors are amazing, and they were able to break everything down and teach the seemingly difficult subjects in the simplest and most amazing way. Soon Feyisara’s fears were in the mud and she was very enthusiastic about learning more and completing her training. She loved the lessons, working together with students on projects, and the mentorship program.

Feyisara performed greatly and completed her training right on time. She had gone through the heat and she successfully turned from coal to diamond, or in this case from Accountant to Business Analyst; as she wanted.

The next step of course was helping Feyisara find a job. She had to apply all she had learnt and achieve her career goals, or else, what was the point? We were happy to assist Feyisara to put her CV in shape and find the right places to apply for jobs, and not long after, we got the good news! 

Job Alert!

Just what we were waiting to hear! Feyisara got a job with a bank as a Business Analyst and the pay is super juicy! We’re so proud of her. Such a huge opportunity. Now she can apply all she learned and stay up there as a successful woman in tech. Congratulations Feyisara!

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