Joining Tech As A Woman Of Colour

Joining Tech As A Woman Of Colour

First, congratulations on discovering that you can be whatever you want to be as a woman of colour. You are part of the women changing the narrative.

Typically, women of colour often feel forced to change their behaviour, and in many cases their names, because of widespread, structural racism in the workplace. One report showed that more than 60% of women of colour change their language, hairstyle, clothes or diet to fit in. You don’t have to go through all that hassle or feel like you don’t belong. You are strong as you are — a woman of colour! 

The tech industry has several opportunities for women of colour and we will be sharing some of them with you. In this article, you will learn the top technical skills you should learn as a woman of colour. 

5 Top Tech Skills For Women of Colour

If you are ready to earn the “techie” tag, here are 5 top skills you should learn as a techie. You don’t need to learn coding for any of these skills.?

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the backbone of any business. It primarily involves identifying the needs of a business and offering solutions to any problems the business might encounter.

You can think of a business analyst as the bridge that connects the non-technical and technical sides of a business. These techies play a crucial role in the growth of a company and are usually hired by any company that wishes to increase efficiency, cut costs, and increase income. Also, they are the most popular tech experts needed by business owners all around the world. 

If you have great organizational skills, management skills, etc., then this is a great course for you as a woman of colour. If you’re not the best at management or organization but this course piques your interest, you might consider giving it a shot.

 Would you love to learn Business Analysis together with other like-minded women of colour? Click this link to get started.

Data Analytics

Data has a large influence on our online interactions, communications networks, and survival in today’s digital environment. If an organization has access to accurate data, it can make decisions that are strong and astonishingly effective. As a result, a data analyst is crucial to any firm.

Data analysts assist organizations in collecting, sorting, organizing, and analyzing data related to the organization’s productivity. These experts are tasked with making sense of all the digital data that organizations have access to regularly. 

Data Analysts are in high demand and earn a lot of money even as entry-level employees. If you [would] love working with data, enrol in a beginner-friendly data analytics course here.


Salesforce is a robust and efficient CRM tool that connects companies and their users. Organizations need someone to operate Salesforce to yield the best results. This professional is called a Salesforce Administrator or Salesforce Admin. 

A Salesforce Admin’s job entails automating workflows specific to an organisation and ensures that every team in the organization uses Salesforce to effectively achieve their goals. This expert is also tasked with the account security of users within the company. Do you remember that time you forgot your password? ?A Salesforce Admin was working behind the scenes to help you retrieve it.

Salesforce Admins have many responsibilities but the most that really jumps out is their ability to develop applications specifically designed for a company’s operations (without writing a single line of code). That’s just mind-blowing.

The best choice for learning Salesforce for beginners is to enrol in classes that explain it in the easiest way possible. Enrol for our beginner-friendly Salesforce class here.

Product Design

Product design entails creating or designing a product. A product can be anything, it could be a microwave oven or an app. However, in recent times, product design has become closely linked with digital products such as web applications or software. Whenever you see a job application for product designers, it’s most likely for digital products, unless stated otherwise. 

As a product designer, you get to create mobile or web applications to solve problems and meet the needs of the organisation’s target audience. It involves research and critical thinking. 

Product design is one of the best career options for women of colour today. If you would like to create a digital product that solves the problems of people, enrol in our beginner-friendly Product Design course here.

Product Marketing

Product marketing involves introducing a product to an audience and convincing them to use it. A product marketer determines the product’s position in the market, introduces it, and works to ensure that sales professionals and customers are aware of it. It is perhaps the tech skill for you if you are good at convincing people to take action. 

Product marketing is a great skill for women of colour and one that will still be relevant in decades to come — there will always be products to market. 

If you would love to learn this skill, enrol here.

Made a Choice Already?

Tech jobs are by far one of the hottest jobs right now: six-figure salaries, casual office attire, cool devices, remote working options, etc. 

If you are a woman of colour looking to learn a technical skill and eventually earn the tag, “techie”, you should consider learning any of these skills. 

If you had trouble picking a favourite, you should take this quiz to know which best suits you. 

Transition Into Tech With Ease

If you are looking to transition into tech without any difficulty or you are looking for the best beginner-friendly tech programs for women of colour, Heels and Tech is the best place to learn.

Over the years, we have helped women of colour to kick-start a career in tech. Our courses are self-paced and easy to learn. Also, our incredible tutors are experts in their fields who carefully break down difficult concepts for easier understanding.

We wish you the best of luck as you transition into tech as a woman of colour.

Happy cheers!?

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