6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Sidehustle in Tech

6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Sidehustle in Tech

The tech industry is comparable to a planet, it is that vast. There’s a place for everyone, even kids. There are millionaire kids online these days, guess how they made their money? Yes, you are right, tech. You see? You can do it. You can hear, you can listen, you can read, you can write, you can draw, and you can do something with your hands. Then there’s a place for you in tech, you just have to find it and occupy it. Know for sure that no one can do anything you can do just the way that you can. So get up and get working

Ever seen those guys and girls that go around with laptops typing strange stuff on their keyboards all day long? If you have seen them, you probably decided you don’t want to have anything to do with technology because you don’t want to do that boring stuff. Those people you saw are people that we call programmers; however, they are just a small percentage of the entire niche in tech.

Our community is made up of a lot of people doing very different things, you can’t miss out. Even if you have a great career somewhere else, you need to take a look at tech, pinpoint your space there, and come over and fill it. Below are five reasons you should either start something new in tech or begin a tech version of what you do outside tech right now.

1. Tech is the next big thing:

I don’t think anyone will disagree with me on this. In fact, technology is the big thing right now. It’s the phase of the world right now. At one time, mercantilism was the real thing. At that time, colonialism was in vogue, and the colonizers built their economies from the resources garnered from the colonized. Today, Tech is the in thing, and more beautiful is the fact that it is non-discriminating and all-inclusive.

The tech industry is growing daily; it is currently worth about $5.2 trillion. A chunk of that money belongs to you if you know how to get your own share. You can register for one of our courses to begin preparations for getting your chunk of that money- I’m getting mine right now. It does not seem imaginable right now that Tech will ever phase out. It probably won’t, but it does not seem likely in our lifetime. If it ever phases out, you won’t even know, so any effort put into doing something wonderful with technology would be useless.

2. Tech is all inclusive, everyone has a place if they can find it:

Mark Zuckerberg was just like everyone else, but through creativity and hard work he found his place, and now a huge chunk of that $5.2 trillion belongs to him. At one time in the world, it took a lot of privilege, hard work, bootlicking, etc. to be recognized in a particular field of endeavor, but that is not the case today. There are influencers and celebrities popping up every day based on their personal contributions and efforts, not on a recommendation from some acclaimed professional.

Therefore, we should take advantage of this opportunity because it is free. Do not get into the rut that people get into when something becomes too cheap. Tech has made things so accessible people are almost losing their sense of value for it Do not do this; instead, take advantage of it to make your life better, or at least the lives of other people.

3. The economies of the countries of the world are becoming globalized and some economies are collapsing:

Economic globalization is the increasing interdependence of world economies as a result of the growing scale of cross-border trade in commodities and services, the flow of international capital, and the wide and rapid spread of technologies. This means that technology is beginning to have a strong influence on the flow of capital.

The traditional jobs that are done within countries are beginning to be disrupted. The currencies of the world are being put under pressure daily because, while first world countries, being the centers of technological advancement, are growing and having stable currencies, third world countries and second world countries are doing quite the opposite. Problems arise, therefore, when your earnings are limited to your undervalued currency if you are in a third world country. What’s the solution, then? Get into tech, it’s a world without limits, and you can earn whatever currency you desire as long as you are interested in doing a good job.

4. The replacement of humans by technology; loss of job security:

I am sure that the massive layoff of employees during COVID has not been forgotten. It was such a hard time, but that is only the beginning of what will soon be the world’s reality. Don’t think you are too safe; what goes around comes around. If your job remains safe, that’s great, but if you happen to be among the millions of people who will eventually lose their jobs, at that time you will only discover an opportunity to scale up your online business.

Be prepared. Aim for the sky, and if for any reason you miss the sky, you won’t be missing the mountain top.

5. Saves time:

A lot of things in tech can be automated, especially if you have not made it your life’s career yet. Tech does not require that you spend the whole day working. Most times, you just need enough time to set things up initially, and then everything begins to work while you just have to maintain it and improve along the way.

This is why you absolutely can’t miss out on this, you are inexcusable. You have to start something today so that in just a little while you will be able to help those friends and family who need your help but who you just cannot scrape together enough to help right now. To get started today, register for one of our courses here.

6. The world needs you:

Even if you are so righteous that money and the things that go with it do not move you, this should. There is no other platform in the world where you can reach, affect, and influence as many people as tech. No other platform has that many users. You have talents, skill sets, knowledge, etc. that will benefit the world immensely.

Right now, right here, you have the answer to someone’s nightmare, someone’s problem. Certainly, there are people who have stormed the world with the ideas you have, but know this, no one can do what you can do, just the way you will do it, and there are people who will be more receptive to your unique way of doing things.

Ever hear two people say the same thing and you just love and entirely relate to the way one of them expresses herself when compared to the other person? The fact that the world is missing out on what you have to offer because you won’t go into technology should get you up. Go do what you love. You know, you can keep that boring day job for now because it puts food on the table, but make time to build your tech career, and someday you will wave a permanent goodbye to that boring job as you become a full time tech lady.

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