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Diana’s Story: From A French Linguist To A Product Owner

Diana's Story: From A French Linguist To A Product Owner

Diana’s Story: From A French Linguist To A Product Owner

Diana's Story: From A French Linguistic to a Product Owner

Where are our multilinguistic women? Did you know that if you add a technical skill to your language skills, you become a big fish for the European labor market? 

Have you ever wondered if you will make it in tech as a linguistic/language expert?

Here is the story of Diane who has known languages(French, Mandarin & Spanish) all her life. Yes! She studied French and worked as a translator.

Her story will truly inspire you.

We are super proud to be sharing the story of Diana who has known languages(French, Mandarin & Spanish) all her life. Yes! She studied French and worked as a translator. She decided to add tech skills to her language skills. It wasn’t long before she got a job as a product owner with an Italian lady. Her multilingualism positioned her well for the European market! It was a huge win!

Read on to see how Diana’s career life became so rich because she bagged a technical skill. Diana’s story will no doubt convince you that transitioning into tech is possible no matter how little your knowledge of tech is. 

Meet Diana

Diana is a Nigerian lady who earned a first degree in French Language and a post-graduate diploma in Mass Communication. There’s an extra fun side to Diana — she is a multi-linguist (she speaks English and French). She has worked as an interpreter, translator, and tutor. So you see, Diana had no background in tech. How then did she succeed in landing a tech job? 

Diana may not have had the tech background, but she had the number one thing needed to thrive in the tech industry — the desire to learn! She reached out to us and told us about her interest in our Salesforce Administrator course. We couldn’t help but agree that it was a great choice considering her background in sales and her passion for customer service.

She enrolled in the Salesforce Administrator course and kick-started her transition into tech. Diana’s favorite learning experience was teaming up with her colleagues to work on assignments and presentations. 

The best part of Diana’s learning experience was working with other candidates in groups, the weekly assignments, and presentations. At Heels and Tech, we facilitate group learning to help women inspire and motivate each other, learn how to work in a team, get experience with leading or managing a team. Diana loved collaborating with her colleagues to create winning projects.

Our star girl, Diana, completed her Salesforce Administrator training and fell more in love with Salesforce and how it helps businesses. She took a step further in sharpening her skills and enrolled in the Business Analysis course. 

Like you would expect of an excellent woman, Diana nailed the Business Analysis course! When asked about her learning experience, she said, “During the course of the BA training, we developed a Fintech wedding app that will enable couples to plan, save and budget for their wedding. The app will reduce the stress couples go through trying to plan their wedding. This app contains different vendors that fit into the couple’s budget, that is the vendors listed in the App fit into different categories be its low budget or high budget. The app is self-explanatory and takes the user through the different futures but before the user starts communicating with the vendors, a subscription fee has to be paid.  Various payment methods were made available e.g Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, etc”. 

Look at that! Developing an app without writing codes. And people out there think that tech is all about <code>. Tech is broader than just codes. If you are interested in learning a tech skill, read this article to the end and you’ll find the link to all our tech courses. 

Diana had fun while learning a lot. In no time, she received a big opportunity to put what she’s learned into practice.

New Job Alert!

Imagine our joy when Diana told us about a job offer she got. The time spent in learning, carrying out assignments, and executing projects was not in vain. Diana was now practicing her Salesforce and business analysis skills. 

When asked about what Heels and Tech taught her, she said, “Heelsandtech has taught me that anything you set your mind to do is possible and  the Tech industry is no exception.”

Indeed the tech industry is no exception! You can do whatever you put your mind to doing. We always encourage women to shun the rumors and boldly take the first step to joining the tech industry. It’s big enough for everyone; male or female.

What’s stopping you?

Come on! Don’t let fear stop you from building a career for yourself, or joining one of the world’s largest growing industries. Tech is the future and we encourage you to become a part of the future by learning a tech course today.

It’s amazing to see how women are rising above societal dictates and building a career for themselves in tech. In no time, the entire world will feel the impact of these women in the internet technology industry.

At Heels and tech, our goal is to help you as a woman transition into tech smoothly. We stick with you every step of the way, guiding you on what to do as you move through every phase of the journey. It is our pleasure to see our students finish their training and go-ahead to land big roles in the tech industry.

Let us help you rewrite your story. To enroll for any of our tech courses today click here.

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