6 Reasons Why You Should Begin Your Tech Career with a Female-Friendly Company

6 Reasons Why You Should Begin Your Tech Career with a Female-Friendly Company

It is no secret that women are much fewer than their male counterparts in STEM fields, which tech is certainly a part of. Research shows that as of 2023, women will hold 26.7% of technology jobs versus about 73.4% of their male colleagues. Much more saddening is the fact that there is even less representation of women in higher-up roles or the C- suites, meaning that of the 26.7% of women in tech, much more than 50% of them occupy entry-level roles.

This is not a good reality, but it is indeed our reality since women are not being encouraged or offered enough incentives to make the tech field appealing. This alone may scare away women who have enormous potential to offer the world. Setbacks like unequal pay for men and women and organizational ladders that, by their very structure, limit women from climbing the corporate ladder discourage women by painting the industry as unfavorable.

However, all this stress and setback can be completely avoided. Yes, as a woman, you do not ever have to face the upsetting reality of unequal pay, opportunities to grow in your career not being open to women, gender stereotypes and biases, and many others. You can do this if you begin this exciting phase of your life with a female-friendly company like Heels and Tech. Let’s go ahead and see 5 reasons women should begin their tech careers with a female-friendly company.

1. Supportive and inclusive work environment:

This is something rare in every male-dominated field, especially tech. Women are usually excluded from training and resources that would ensure their growth. They are told to know their place and not to seek anything more than that place of theirs. However, the story is quite different in female-friendly companies. There is a more supportive and inclusive work environment. Women are given opportunities to grow in their craft. They feel safe and supported, not criticized and treated as if they have to compete with men. There needs to be no competition between the sexes, but male-dominated companies make it seem that way.

2. Mentorship and networking opportunities:

Mentorship is critical for speed. Mentorship saves you the hassle of repeating the very mistakes everyone else in your field has been making. In an environment that is not inclusive of women, this is at zero since women are not even expected to grow. However, with a female-friendly company, women have the opportunity to mentor and be mentored. This leads to a virtuous cycle because a supportive and inclusive work environment naturally encourages growth, so women advance quickly. When new people come in, they find more successful women to look up to, and as a result, they are encouraged and inspired to advance quickly too. This is a wonderful thing that a beginner in tech needs at this time in their career.

3. Access to leadership opportunities:

Female-friendly tech companies, by their very structure, encourage and allow women to grow and attain leadership opportunities, and women make wonderfully empathetic leaders. Being in such an environment naturally encourages you to grow because you feel safe. However, if you are in an environment that does not support your growth, you will subconsciously stop doing your best because you know that no matter what you do, it will never be duly recognized. But in a female-friendly institution, you will naturally work hard because you know that you will be rewarded accordingly; thus, in female-friendly institutions, women rise to leadership positions as long as they deserve it.

4. Equal pay and benefits:

Female-friendly institutions advocate for equal pay for the same job for both genders. They prioritize equity in pay and other benefits for their employees. Unequal pay and benefits for the same job between the two genders are a major source of discouragement for women. According to a 2021 survey from Hired “men were offered higher salaries than women for the same job title at the same company 59% of the time”. This seems to be normal in pro-men companies; however, the opposite is quite the case in lady-friendly institutions where equal pay and benefits are prioritized.

5. A commitment to gender diversity and equality:

They also take into consideration the unique needs of women. Yes, women are different from men; we have children, we raise children, and the feeding of our family is up to us. These are the considerations that female-friendly institutions go the extra mile to ensure that their female employees benefit from and that companies that are not pro-women neglect. They try to force women into the mold of men, and by the end of the day, the women are suffering.

But female-friendly companies take the women in their midst into consideration as they make their policies so that women are not left out.

6. Female-friendly boot camps teach women with knowledge of their limitations:

While there are so many boot camps and platforms for people, no matter their gender, to learn, advance, or begin a career in tech, in female-friendly boot camps and learning platforms, the experience is on a different level. Female-friendly boot camps are saturated with successful women who will become a source of inspiration for you as you begin your tech journey. The community is made up of women who face similar issues as you. This provides a safe space for women to learn and make mistakes as they grow.

The courses in female-friendly institutions like heels and tech are designed to benefit women (we are just female-friendly not discriminatory). Considering the fact that women need flexibility and the minimal exposure that they usually have, much more support is given to them on this journey. There are also provisions for scholarships for women who are willing and interested but may find it difficult to begin a tech career because of financial constraints.
This is hardly the case on general learning platforms.

Remember that at this stage in your career journey, you need all the encouragement that you can get, you do not need anything killing your spirit or discouraging you, so my best advice for you is that you begin your tech career, especially the learning aspect, with a female friendly institution like Heels and Tech, Reach out to us now.

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