5 Tips To Ease Into Tech As A Woman

5 Tips To Ease Into Tech As A Woman

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” Oprah Winfrey. If all it takes to change your life and future is to change your attitude then our attitudes and mindsets really matter, it also reveals something very interesting, it power lies with us.

Switching from a career one has spent the last 4 or more years building or even moving to something entirely new and different from what one has known always demands more effort from your brain and mind. However, the added effort and energy demanded are resources that you already possess.

Humans are a full package. We come with everything we would ever need to face and surmount challenges inbuilt in us. Now let’s see some of the things required to make easing into tech a breeze.

1. Know that change is inevitable:

Human beings adjust more quickly when they know there is no other alternative or when they seem to have known nothing else. This is why people from a certain culture act a certain way even when the world is on an entirely different trail. They simply know nothing else. This can be applied to your beginner status in tech. The truth is that technology has come to stay, it is going nowhere and when you know this for a fact and live and act accordingly it will be easier to adjust.

Even if you don’t have a job in tech currently but you are working somewhere else, it is just a matter of time before your employer incorporates tech into the company.

2. Do something techy every day:

when children change schools or begin to attend school newly, it is usually not a funny experience, there are usually a lot of tears both on their side and yours but it soon ends and the new becomes normal. Why does this happen? It happens because that child now goes to school every day or almost every day, so they naturally identify themselves as a pupil or as a pupil of a certain school. Research shows that if you do something for at least 18 minutes a day for an entire year; you are likely to become better than 95% of the world’s population at that thing.

If you are taking a course to switch to tech, do something related to it every day, and over time your mind will come to agree with your new identity as a woman in tech and a successful one at that.

3. Join a community:

One of the reasons why people that are very old- say 90+ and 100+ do not live much longer is because of the lack of community. Anyone who has spent a reasonable amount of time with them would hear them complain that their age mates are no more and that there is no reason for them to keep on living. This is a good example of what a community does for a person. A community is generally a group of people who have something in common which serves as the bond of the relationship. In this case, it would be people who are also in tech like you or at least people who are just getting into tech. but you could take this further and join a community of women in tech with an organization like Heels and Tech.

A community will naturally make you feel like you belong and at this stage, this is what you are in dire need of. They will help answer your questions and save you from making mistakes that they have already made, saving you lots of time. So seek out a community now, you can thank me later.

4. Understand that there is a space in tech for your ambition whatever it may be and find it:

A good example here would be a lady who worked in the health sector. She loved her job but she knew she had a special spot in her heart for dyslexic people. She went into tech, became a programmer, and created a plugin that helps dyslexic people surf the web in as much time as a non-dyslexic person would.

She did not have to become a programmer and create abstract apps far removed from her passion and inclinations. She just went on, got the tools, and did better than she could have imagined, tech gave her the tools she needed to create greater change.

You should see tech the same way. It is doing what you love on a higher scale and being able to reach more people and still have a flexible life while you are at it.

Technology does not restrict you; technology frees you and gives you wings to fly in this time and age.

5. Know that age is just a number:

If you sustain the level of curiosity the children you know have when they see new things and interact with them, you will be surprised at how much you are capable of learning. Your age does not matter, what matters is your openness to knowledge. You have more brain capacity than you can exhaust in 3 lifetimes and you get to have only 1 lifetime. It is wise to use as much as you can.

The tech space is a space that opens us up to new realities every day; virtually every day that we sleep and wake up there is something new in technology. You have to keep learning to survive on this terrain.

Never view tech as something just for the new generation. It is not. Though Gen Z is much more conversant with technology and it may come more easily to them because from their birth they have been interacting with technology, the millennials are still the ones that call the shots in most spaces in the world, and technology has taken over virtually everything, even with the millennials being in charge still. This means that whether you are a millennial or a Gen Z you have no excuse. Technology is for you to maximize and you are capable of doing just that.

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