Women in Tech: The Importance of Role Models and Representation

Women in Tech: The Importance of Role Models and Representation

One of the most significant things that pushes individuals to the thought of building a tech career is getting inspired and motivated by the testimonials & works of the people they look up to in the tech industry. 

These sets of people that some individuals look up to are known as role models and representatives. The whole existence of role models and representatives within the tech space plays a vital role in how tech careers can be shaped and developed. 

If you are aspiring to or just starting a tech career, especially as a woman, one of the things that can help you go far in your tech journey is to surround yourself with quality & relevant role models and representations around your field of interest in tech.

For women in tech, the presence of role models and representation is instrumental to how these women are motivated to excel and thrive in their tech fields. The welfare of women in tech is greatly acknowledged, and constant efforts are made to ensure that they don’t experience many difficulties in their journey to building a tech career.

How Role Models and Representation Mold Aspiring Women in Tech Believe in the Possibility of Building a Tech Career.

The issues associated with gender inclusion sometimes make it challenging for women, in general, to believe that they can build a tech career. But nowadays, there has been a tremendous change and improvement in how women have been involved actively in tech, and this is all thanks to women who fought and worked towards having a stand & say in the places where it matters in the tech industry and how they have been doing a great job of acting as a source of role models and inspiration for other women who are aspiring to or currently getting started with their tech journey. 

With these women (role models) contributing to positive changes and making impacts through their various work in the tech industry, they make it easier for other women under them to believe in the possibilities of building a tech career. 

The good thing about these exciting and impacting works that these women (role models & representation) do is that it attracts and opens the doors for numerous opportunities for different stages of women in tech. 

Again, the goal and aim of role models within the female space in the tech industry is to increase the desire of other women aspiring to build a tech career and open their eyes to the possibilities of those desires and dreams becoming a reality.

What is the importance of female role models and representation in the tech industry?

Right from time, there have been barriers and obstacles that make it challenging for women to build a tech career and have their firm places in the industry. This has been happening despite all the efforts to ensure that the tech industry is gender inclusive. 

This results from some of these women lacking the ability to believe they can actually have a place and access to life-changing opportunities in the tech industry. Sometimes, these things arise due to the absence of female role models and representation within the tech community to help fight against and overcome some of these setbacks while allowing their good works to attract and nurture other aspiring & interested women into coming on board by starting their tech journeys.

That said, below are some of the reasons female role models and representation are considered vital in the tech industry;

  1. Role models and representation play a significant role in ensuring that the possibilities of having a tech career are made and created for the other aspiring women coming behind them. This is made possible through the impact of the work done by these role models and representation. The tiniest influence created by these female role models can do wonders in opening their eyes to another world of possibilities in tech where their dreams are valid and achievable even as women. 
  1. One thing that validates women in tech to have representation and role models is how they can be instrumental in creating life-changing opportunities for the upcoming women. The expectation of female role models and representation includes making an intentional effort to see the other women in tech following their footsteps have the opportunities to excel and succeed in their various tech careers.
  1. Female role models and representation also serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement to other women, putting in effort and being intentional towards building a tech career. For most of these women in tech to immensely succeed and thrive in the industry, staying inspired & motivated is a vital factor. They can draw inspiration from their female role models as it would help push and drive them to become better in their various tech careers. 
  1. Female role models and representation are considered vital in the women’s tech ecosystem because they can contribute to the distribution of knowledge and resources to the reach of other women in tech. One of the reasons women in tech struggle to succeed in building a tech career is that there is often a wide gap in their knowledge level. And lack of knowledge is not a progressive way for newbie women in tech to build a thriving career. However, with the presence and involvement of female role models and representation, they can assist in bridging the gap and make the flow of knowledge accessible to all women in tech at their different stages in the tech industry. 

The importance of role models and representation within the women’s tech community is not a thing to debate whether it is valuable or invaluable. From the points shared in the piece, you can see & agree that they play a vital role in contributing to the success of women in tech. 

This also signifies that the existence of role models and representation within the women’s tech community should be a culture that needs to be encouraged. This is because they help to advocate, promote and encourage more women to consider getting a tech career. 

Before we drop the pen down on this topic, we would love to share some relatable and inspiring stories about amazing women in tech doing excellently well for themselves through the help of the training they got from Heelsandtech. These women are perfect examples of role models and representatives who went beyond some of the challenges they faced to build a career path for themselves in tech. 

The stories of some of these women from our training program will immensely encourage aspiring women who desire to build a tech career to embrace their tech journey confidently. These stories are full of testimonies of how these women stretched themselves beyond their comfort zones, overlooked their challenges and obstacles and embraced endurance and commitment to invest in building a tech career by passing through vigorous training to learn and practice some quality tech skills and gain knowledge that has helped them land job offers in the tech industry. 

As an aspiring tech woman looking forward to doing great things in the tech industry, we are sure that reading the stories of these women will immensely encourage you to start your tech journey today. Do you want to see how they did it? Then, read stories of Deborah, Omotolani, Folake, Ajoke and others to get motivated.

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