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Angela Mortoo

Angela Mortoo

My name is Angela Mortoo. I have worked in the Oil and Gas industry for 8years in different roles in Ghana. During the pandemic and lockdown period I realized my job role had become business as usual with no innovation whatsoever. I decided to research on the skills that are in demand and will be in the next few years. I then decided to upskill so I can easily transition without any hurdle if need be since tech money is the new oil money.. lol.

I came across heels and tech on Instagram through my search and had a chat with them and voila, I decided to enroll in the business analysis course. To be honest, it was a good decision I made.

The course was detailed and we had the opportunity to work on a real project which which helped me to understand the course very well. I was quite surprised How I was able to acquire the level of knowledge in such a short period. I feel like a pro now. I am now so good creating wireframes, mock-ups and prototype using figma and other related tools. We used office 365 a lot which made it easy working and circulating documents. Also we used lucidcharts, canvas and other tools which helped us work smarter.

Our instructor was so amazing. My Ghanaian sister, she’s very patient and good at what she does. She would always take all our questions and explain everything with so much clarity. She joins our group meetings even during the week to explain and review our work before submission . She taught us how to write our resumes and cover letter based on each job we are applying to. Very helpful I must say.

Heels and Tech did not disappoint me at all. They were always ready to help in whatever capacity they could. They made every ambiguity I had so transparent and distinct. Answered all my questions, whenever I had one. Gave us resources to help us on the journey. I couldn’t have chosen a better learning platform.

After taking this course, I can boldly say my mindset has been renewed. I now know I can do anything I put my mind to. Nothing is too difficult, it is only a matter of telling yourself you can do it and trust me, you can! I have put down what I have achieved via this course and what I want to add on before the year runs out and I know with this new mindset and attitude, I am going to confidently tick everything off that list.

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