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Simi Serena

Simi Serena

Classes have been eye opening, challenging, enlightening. I can’t believe how easily I am using software and applications and talking using BA technical words.

Talk about value for money. Petrina is also doing a great job, I would like to suggest though if I may that the duration of the program be extended. There is so much to assimilate in so little time, other than that I am loving this new me thanks to heels and tech. I can’t wait to get a job and prove myself. This course has kept me on my toes, I kind of enjoy the pressure though it gives me an idea of what I will face in the workplace ( that my 6 figure job I will get when I finish?).

Great job heels and tech. Yes, I know it will definitely pay off. Its the hands on for me, my confidence level now dey fear me oh. When I read job requirements and I see Jira, confluence, customer journey map, lucid bla bla I just smile and say I am definitely in the right place abeg.

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