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Luke Nonso – Eustonia

Luke Nonso – Eustonia

A little about your background

I’m a Customer Support Specialist/KYC verification agent.

Your experience during the 6 weeks training..about the tools and project

It was a good experience. I learnt how to use the tools well: Jira, Lucid chart, Microsoft Team and Office tools. I believe that if I work on what I’ve learnt so far, it’ll help me sail well in this field.

About your trainer

It’s a good thing to have patience as a trainer. She was very helpful and encouraged us to take initiative to solve problems.

About Heels and Tech

About heels and tech, this is a great platform I must say. When I found this platform I was convinced that I was going to do those courses. I actually had the plans to do three courses before this year runs out. But I chose two do to the change of my job. So BA now and Product Management later. Perhaps you guys can let me know when this program begins. Please keep up the good work to raise awareness about African women generally, especially in Nigeria, so that they can be aware of their potential and bear in mind that their jobs don’t end in the kitchen and the other rooms.

Finally about the renewed mindset

The mindset I have now is to keep progressing. What i have learnt is a solid foundation of things to come. Although I may not look for a job as a BA explicitly, I’ll find ways to apply what I have learnt in my workspace when some opportunities come up.

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