Meet Our Former Students Who Now Work As Techies Overseas

Meet Our Former Students Who Now Work As Techies Overseas

The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.”

  • Beyonce

Our courses are very exceptional and profound. Inasmuch as we are in Nigeria, what makes you think our courses are only limited to Nigeria? What makes you think you can get jobs after our courses, only in Nigeria. We are here to set that right!

Here is a list of women who have seen opportunities to take our courses and went ahead to use them abroad! Either they migrated after they took the course or they already resided, the bottom line remains that our courses are useful anywhere!


Dunmi was a lawyer in Nigeria who thought to get more skills to achieve her career goals. She had plans on relocating to Canada and she knew that her foot in the tech world will give her an advantage. Hence, she found us. She liked the Business Analyst course and soon enough, started the classes. She thought her legal background would hold her and she’ll not be able to grasp the concept of business analysis. However, she overcame her fear and doubt.

“I might have to warn you”, she said, “that your comfort zone will be dragged right into the mud.” She said she was super stretched but she liked it. Dunmi taking the course helped her grow and gain more confidence. Not long after she graduated from this course, she got a job in a legal and compliance tech firm and this knowledge she gained became one of the best decisions for her this year.


Anu had moved out of the country before she thought of having a relevant skill. It was tough for her. She had choices on whether to settle for less or menial jobs which offered no exposure or whether to continue her job as a support advisor and boom! She came across our page! She learned that she would be able to gain employment as a business analyst in Canada, where she resides, and so she took special liking to Business Analysis.

Six weeks later, Anu completed her course and we helped her build her resume and even practiced interviews with her. She eventually went for a real interview and bagged the role in a big, top paying tech company, British Columbia. We didn’t just help her, Anu put the hard work in it also! Now, she’s enjoying her job and we are super proud of her.

As a result of how amazing her classes and results were, she enrolled in another of our courses, Data Analytics which is ongoing now. Nothing can stop her, the sky isn’t her limit!


Vivian’s interests are in children, health, environment, disaster and humanitarian relief and aid. A graduate of computer engineering, she had an overview of the tech world as a technical analyst and design engineer which she maintained for six years. She was moving to Canada and needed a marketable skill that has relevance and she decided to take the BA course. According to Vivian, which we do not doubt at all, she enjoyed her classes and her tutors were so helpful. It was a smooth journey as Vivian completed her training right on time! Not long after she completed her course, she got a job from US – a Blockchain company that builds digital solutions. When she travelled and settled, she got another job from a Canadian government owned business- which is a big deal. As if the blessings were overflowing, Vivian got the third job as Business Intelligence Specialist which was not on contract but a permanent role.

Vivian screams girl power in every sense and we are happy she could take this skill with her.


Nneka understood that relocating to another country can be a lot, talk more of going without any tangible skill or handwork. She worked as a business manager before leaving the country so she had some knowledge about business. She reached out to us, Heels and Tech, and enrolled for one of our courses. She grasped things fast and even her motherhood could not stop her- she had to take more time for tasks due to baby wahala. We also helped her rebrand her CV which excited her even more and sought after. After a while, Nneka got a well paying job with the Australian government as a product manager. Her hard work finally paid off. Nneka had also learnt some soft skills which would eventually help her in her place of work, all thanks to her taking the bold step.


Adding technical skills to her linguistics background, Diana was sure to become the next hottest cake. She is a speaker of French, Mandarin and Spanish and worked as an interpreter, a translator and a tutor before she moved into the tech space. She enrolled for the Salesforce Administrator course and had the innate desire to learn! Her passion for customer service and background in sales gave her the push to go for the course. Diana was a facilitator of women inspiration and motivation during the course, she was a goal getter. She loved working and collaborating with her team to achieve results; a good team player.

After her Salesforce Administrator course, she got further inspired and enrolled for the Business Analysis course and she nailed it. She was able to develop a Fintech app that helps couples plan their weddings and all the expenses needed. Good initiative right?! Time for us to see the results of her efforts and hardwork, Diana got a job as a Product Owner in a company! Diana realized she could do anything once she put her mind to it. She’s now a big fish for the European labour market.

“Champions keep playing until they get it right.”

  • Billie Jean King

What about you?

It’s no fun having the wrong notion of things. Tech isn’t just all about coding! Two women out of these five once thought like you, but they saw the light. We are saying to you now, “come see the light!”

There shouldn’t be anything like “I don’t want to know”, “I don’t want to grasp”, “It’s too complex”. Be a woman of influence. Read here about influential women in Tech, they faced challenges head-on!

The time is now! Enroll in our courses and take the leap! Like Dunmi said, leave your comfort zone! Be open minded, have a growth mindset and you will never regret it!

We are cheering for you all the way! ?

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