Heels and Tech Training 5000 Women In Product Management For Free To Mark International Women’s Day 2023

Heels and Tech Training 5000 Women In Product Management For Free To Mark International Women’s Day 2023

Women continue to be significantly underrepresented in the tech sector. Despite making up 47% of the workforce, women hold only 25% of all C positions in the United States, according to research by the National Center for Women & Information Technology.

This underrepresentation is partly a result of limited access to technological education and training. Oftentimes, there are hurdles in the way of women who want to pursue professions in technology, such as a lack of resources and training. A less diversified tech sector runs the danger of losing vital talent and expert knowledge. To make sure that everyone has an equal chance to contribute and flourish in the industry, it is crucial to embrace diversity.

The effects of this lack of diversity are noticeable all around the world, but especially in Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa, only 22% of tech-related positions are held by women, according to a World Economic Forum survey. Furthermore, the percentage reduces to barely 10% in North Africa.

As we mark International Women’s Day with the theme “DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality” and the tagline “#embracingequity,” it’s crucial to remember the persisting difficulties of women in technology. Organizations like Heels and Tech are striving to change the long-standing issue of gender equity and lack of diversity in this industry.

Heels and Tech, founded by Bisola Alabi, a tech veteran, is an ed-tech platform that provides free training and resources to women in technology. Heels and Tech is playing a key role in closing the gender gap in tech and fostering a more inclusive and diverse sector by focusing on skills like product design, salesforce administration, Product Management, data analytics, and business analysis. Heels and Tech has trained more than 10,000 women in diverse tech skills since its outset, making a significant influence on reducing the gender gap in the tech industry.

The impact of Heels and Tech’s efforts is evident in the success stories of the women who have benefited immensely from the platform. Many of these women went on to have successful careers in technology and have significantly impacted the industry. Several women who trained on the platform have gone on to work as product managers at leading IT firms.

These success stories show how essential it is to give women in technology access to resources and training. Organizations like Heels and Tech are helping in the development of a more diverse and inclusive sector by training and equipping women with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the IT sector.

And this year, to honour International Women’s Day, Heels and Tech is stepping up its efforts by delivering free training in Product Management to 5000 women. Product Management ranks among the most key aspects of the tech industry. Women make up about 38% of product managers in the tech sector, according to a 2021 survey by Product School, a top provider of product management training. The number of female product managers varies greatly depending on the organization and the region, with a few reporting as low as 18%. Heels and Tech is fostering a more inclusive and diverse tech industry and fostering the growth of this industry by providing free training in Product Management for women around the world.

Heels and Tech’s Product Management course includes a wide range of topics, such as market research, consumer segmentation, branding, and digital marketing. The goal of the course is to provide women with a thorough understanding of Product Management as well as the knowledge and skills they’ll need to be successful in it. The course is taught by experienced professionals who have worked in Product Management for many years.

By providing free Product Management training to 5,000 women, Heels, and Tech is significantly contributing to bridging the gender gap in the tech sector. This training will equip women with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive and contribute to the development of a more inclusive and varied IT sector. Heels and Tech aims to establish a community of women in technology in addition to offering training. The platform provides opportunities to network and mentorship programs that are made to help women connect and interact with other women in the field and form lasting relationships.

Heels and Tech’s commitment to empowering women in technology are making a significant impact on the global economy. A McKinsey & Company study found that promoting gender equality may boost the global GDP by $12 trillion by 2025. Heels & Tech is bridging the gender gap in the tech industry and empowering women to pursue their aspirations and realize their full potential by giving them access to training and resources, as well as by building a supportive community of women in technology. The effects of this diversity extend beyond the confines of the tech sector. The health of the global economy as a whole can be improved by a more diverse and inclusive IT sector that fosters growth and innovation.

“At Heels and Tech, we are committed to promoting gender equality in the tech industry and empowering women to succeed in the IT sector. We understand the value of innovation and technology as tools for removing preexisting challenges that have kept women back. As such, we have made it our mission to provide free tech training in Product Management to 5000 women across Africa, and we hope that our alumni will create digital products that will solve problems peculiar to the female gender” said Bisola Alabi, Heels and Tech’s founder and chief executive officer. “We recognize that for many women, entering the IT sector can be a difficult experience, particularly given the underrepresentation of women in the sector. That’s why we are committed to providing the resources and support necessary to make the transition as smooth as possible. We want to make the IT industry more inclusive and close the gender gap in tech by providing this free tech training to women throughout Africa.”

The free training is made available to women all over the world who have a passion for Product Management. It will last for 4 weeks and will be fully held online.

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