Challenges faced by girls and women in the education system and what can be done to overcome them

Challenges faced by girls and women in the education system and what can be done to overcome them

According to a UN report of 2021, 132 million girls are currently out of school. And the reasons for this vary.


  • social factors like child marriage and gender biases
  • To economic factors like lack of funds
  • And even political factors like the Taliban banning Afghan women from receiving secondary and university education.

While it seems like progress is being made in some parts of the world, there are still great and unimaginable regressions happening in other parts of the world.

So what can be done about these challenges? How can we get more women an education?

As companies, we have a role to play in contributing to the improvement of our immediate society.

What’s great about this is these contributions you make not only help solve a problem, but they also qualify as a form of corporate social responsibility which can Increase your brand recognition.

Asides marketing, CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) is a great way to let people know about your brand and its values. Helps you not only create awareness to possible partners, investors, and customers, but it also helps you form a positive bond and connection with the market.

And while there are certain educational challenges companies may not be equipped to fix, there are still some you can help with.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Commit to sponsoring the education of girls in rural areas or from poor homes
  2. Donate to or partner with reliable NGOs rescuing girls from child marriages and providing them with better lives
  3. Promote the use of flexible methods of teaching for moms like online classes and cohort platforms
  4. Encourage programs that provide skill training, especially digital ones for women.
  5. Partner with startups or companies providing women with access to skills and knowledge. You can contribute to their student’s lives by offering scholarships, learning materials like laptops, etc. Examples of some startups are Heels and Tech, Kids That Code, She Codes Africa, etc.

The journey to getting more women educated – one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – starts with an effort from individuals and companies alike.

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