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Ololade, Kuwait

Ololade, Kuwait

At the peak of my career, I have a little experience in customer relations, my most experience is being a teacher but covid opened my eye to think of switching my career, which led me to Heels and Tech.

Yes, I did not have any background knowledge of tech or even science, I studied history and international relations, reaching out to heels and tech, and the answer was YES, YOU CAN DO IT ?

Going through heels and tech to switching to a salesforce administrator has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

The training made everything so easy and yes, our trainer is the best I’ve ever come across, always ready to help, doesn’t mind going through the whole lecture again just because one of us is stuck or doesn’t understand the flow, interacting with students as sisters and even bringing life to class by pushing you to do your best, oh yea, that’s the actual fact.

Heels and tech to the world for bringing together sisters in achieving their goals in life, the platform gave me classmates like sisters , amazing set of people that we even interact beyond switching to tech , God bless the brain behind this, always ready to hear you out and bringing options to suit the very path you want to thread.

You are amazing.

I started out as a newbie in salesforce and today I can say I’ve gained a little ground in knowing the tools, understanding how it works and how to relate it to reshape a business, I really do appreciate it.

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