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From Music to Tech

From Music to Tech

From Music to Tech

We have yet another story to share of our amazing student who landed a really cool paying job!

Oyindamola, our ex-student, has successfully transitioned from a career in the music industry to one in the tech industry. If you’re a producer, artist, instrumentalist, or hold any role in the music industry, adding a tech skill to your cap can be really rewarding. 

Whoever told you that tech is just for those who had an A grade in Computer Science lied to you. Those who told you that tech is all about coding lied to you too! 

Wouldn’t like to read the rest of Oyindamola’s story? 

Great Career in the Music Industry 

Do you love music? 

We love a cool beat…! 

Oyindamola studied estate management and valuation. She also has a masters in managerial psychology. Despite her educational background, she worked in the music industry for about 4 years. She wasn’t an artist or producer, she worked as the Head of Operations. Primarily, her duties involved customer relations, managing the social media department, and handling projects for artists, and events.

Oyindamola was doing very well in her career and enjoyed it very much. 

She Wanted More… She Found Us! 

Even with a great job, Oyindamola wanted more. She saw the bigger picture and decided to go into tech while it was still early.

You must have noticed too that the world is becoming digitalized. Industry 4.0 is upon us and it’s up to us to take advantage of the opportunities it presents. 

Oyindamola wanted to learn a tech skill but didn’t know how to go about it. She fell for the lie that tech is about coding and shied away from it. She also told us how she tried to learn on her own by watching videos online but found it difficult. In Oyindamola’s words, “I have been hearing that tech is the new oil but I was very scared of coding, left to me- anything tech involved coding until I stumbled on HeelsandTech, a platform that helps people transform into tech which necessarily doesn’t require coding. It made me happy and I was inquisitive. So, I paid for the BA class and it started.”

Oyindamola discovered Heels and Tech through one of our video guides for women transitioning into tech. She told us about her interest in tech, and we worked together to find a tech course that suited her perfectly! With her professional background, the Business Analysis course was a great option, and in no time, Oyindamola started her training. 

Tech Skill in the Bag! 

Oyindamola was an exquisite student and completed her training beautifully. She found the course really interesting and enlightening, and gave it her very best shot! She loved the challenges and worked hard to complete all her tasks and projects. 

Just like many of our former students, she figured that tech was not hard at all. She learned how to use tech tools and she just fell in love with the tech world! 

Oyindamola shared, “The training was enlightening, there were a lot of tools to explore, many of them I had never heard of before and it was so nice to know that tools like that existed. I love challenges, so I was happy to participate and learn a lot during class activities. The project we worked on was eye-opening, I’ve seen websites but I’ve never really known how it comes to play. So, going through the entire process one after the other was such a delight.”

We won’t forget these words of hers, “Your courses are so good, and I appreciate all your help too. Even when it’s not class-related, you’re always so helpful.” 

She spoke in length about the course tutor. Here are some of the awesome things she told us about her tutor, “Oh, and PETRINA! – So calm, patient, and dedicated. I checked out her profile on Linkedin and I was blown away, in a very inspiring way. She’s so good and she’s a wonderful teacher. Thank you so much.

Our trainer was so calm and patient. She doesn’t mind going over something over and over again, you must understand it. Oyindamola carries everyone along. She explains well and made the whole process seamless for us. Oyindamola is very good too, she knows her onions and she’s very informed. She knows her job and I’m definitely aspiring to be like her. She’s fantastic.”

You can tell that it was a life-changing journey for her. 

We Can’t Keep Calm: New Job Alert!

Oyindamola got two jobs after her Business Analysis training! Amazing, right? They were all fantastic and came with really juicy offers. 

Here is when she shared the news of her first job with us:

We are so proud! She made it, and made it big! 

Here is when she told us about her second job:

Big news, you’d agree. It is always awesome to hear our students share this amazing news with us. Congratulations, Oyindamola! We’re proud of you! 

What Oyindamola Thinks of Us

“Heels and tech is a brand that has taken it upon itself to help women transform into tech, letting people know that they can do anything they set their heart to. To bring women into a male-dominated business. It’s a new trend and I am so happy to be associated with them.

 My mindset is renewed in a very good way, now I can do all things, as long as I put my mind to it. and like our convener says, mindset is everything. As long as it’s positive and you make the push.”

Join the Train! 

Every day, we receive requests from women who want to transition into the tech profession. It is always a great joy to see these women thriving in their new professions after completing their training with us. 

You can join our tech training too. Click here to check out our tech courses and pick which works for you. You can also message us on Instagram at HeelsandTech.

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