Best Tech Courses for Immigrants

Best Tech Courses for Immigrants

Are you planning to leave your country soon? Or maybe you have already relocated?

Moving to a different country is oftentimes a difficult decision and requires careful thought. Making a rash decision to relocate often leads to many awful situations you wouldn’t want to get entangled in. 

Before you pack your bags you have to make sure you have done a lot of research about the country you want to move to and consider work opportunities over there:

  • Will your work permit you to continue remotely?
  • Do you have any skills that are valuable to the labour market in that country?
  • Do you have enough savings to sustain you when you get a job?
  • With your skillset what kind of job are you likely to get?

Knowing the answers to these questions should inform your decision to relocate and if it is the right time to move. The labour market in each region is slightly different and in some places, you must hone certain skills to keep yourself relevant in the workforce.

Thankfully, technology has united the world and lots of tech skills are relevant in different countries around the world. Also, there are always organizations that need the services of a tech professional. In this article, we’ll show you 5 skills you can learn to stay relevant in the international community, whether or not you’re planning to immigrate.

3 Top Tech Roles for Immigrants

Let’s prepare for work opportunities in any country you might play to relocate to. These skills are relevant in today’s world and often require that you work from home. So, no stress wherever you move. 

We should mention that moving to a location that is expensive to live in and with a higher currency than the one you earn in could pose a difficulty. You might try getting a job that pays in currencies like Dollars or Pounds. These tech roles luckily are offered by international organizations which Parr in these currencies.

Let’s delve into the top 3 tech skills you can learn as an immigrant.

Business Analysis 

Any business, anywhere in the world, depends on business analysis. It mostly generally involves defining a company’s needs and providing solutions to any challenges it may incur.

A business analyst can be seen as the link between a company’s non-technical and technical sides. These professionals are often hired by any business that wants to boost their productivity, reduce expenses, and raise revenue. They are essential to the development of a firm and are the most sought-after tech specialists among business owners worldwide.

You would be a fantastic fit for this tech role if you have excellent management and organizing skills. If this role interests you even though you aren’t the best at administration or organization, no trouble, you should consider enrolling too. Click here to kick-start your Business Analysis career.

Data Analysis

Our communications networks, internet engagements, and other digital activities are strongly influenced by data. Data helps organizations make solid and amazingly effective judgments and this makes a data analyst very valuable to any organization.

Data analysts help businesses collect, classify, arrange, and analyze data that can help improve their productivity. They help businesses make sense of the ocean of data they have. This interpreted data helps these businesses improve their products and services.

Even as entry-level personnel, data analysts are in high demand and can expect to make a good living. 

Click here to kick-start your Data Analytics career.


Salesforce is a powerful and effective CRM tool that connects businesses with their clients. To get the best outcomes from Salesforce, organizations need someone to manage it. A Salesforce Administrator, also known as a Salesforce Admin, is this person. 

The roles of a Salesforce administrator include automating the organization’s operations and ensuring that Salesforce is used effectively by all teams within the organization. One of their most striking responsibilities is their ability to develop applications specifically designed to improve the company’s workflow (without writing a single line of code). 

Click here to kick-start your Salesforce career.

Best Online Learning Platform For Immigrants

There is just one on the list — Heels and Tech!

With testimonies from several immigrants like Paul, Naomi, Elizabeth and Pelumi, this is the most recommendable online training platform for you as someone who is looking to relocate soon.

Heels and Tech is an online training platform that helps women and men transition into tech easily even with no prior experience! We have helped over 100 tech newbies get their dream tech roles by helping them learn in-demand tech skills.

We provide self-paced courses that are excellent for beginners. Also, you get to be part of a community of people who are trying to break into the tech space and start a meaningful career in tech. If you want to become tech savvy and earn cool cash from the comfort of your home, send us an email at

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