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Meet The Lawyer Turned Business Analyst

Meet The Lawyer Turned Business Analyst

Meet The Lawyer Turned Business Analyst


Don’t open your mouth in awe. It is possible and Mesoma, supported by Heels and Tech, has done it. 

We are keen on helping as many women as there are transitions into tech in the simplest, friendliest way ever. We show you that it isn’t as tough as you must have heard and that you can even have some fun while learning. 

Mesoma, the brilliant woman who owns this story, had fears and doubts, but without help, she was able to overcome them and nail a career as a business analyst.

Mesoma, a brilliant and successful lawyer, made the beautiful decision to transition into tech even with a successful career as a legal practitioner. She is not a woman with brains succeeding at a law firm, she is also a seasoned business analyst who is earning cool cash. But she didn’t just jump to where she is now. She has a story to tell, and you have come along with us, you might just find out what that story is.

Mesoma The Lawyer

Mesoma, as we have mentioned, is a lawyer. She is a Nigerian but she lives in the UK. Although she has a strong legal background, she yearned to secure a place in the technology industry. Well, this should not surprise you since the world is headed in that direction. We encourage women all around the world to get a tech skills now so they can continue to have a high competitive edge in the now digitized planet earth.

Mesoma knew better than most and sought a future in tech. She sought a tech career that dealt with data management, project management, or HR, and we found the right one for her – Business Analysis!. However, she didn’t have all the courage she needed to thrive. Like many, she felt not just whelmed but overwhelmed and thought it was rocket science. A male-dominated industry? Spending hours in front of a computer screen in a hoodie and jeans? Is that what she was going all-in for?

Thankfully, she met Heels and Tech, and then she got help for her fears, had a confidence boost, and started on her journey to become Mesoma the Business Analyst!

“Sometimes I doubt myself in this Move” – Mesoma

Before Mesoma met Heels and Tech, she was skeptical about pursuing her dreams to work in the tech space. She told us all about her fears and drawbacks, in her words, “Sometimes I doubt myself in this move. I really want it, but I just wonder if I will be able to pull it off”.

Do you sometimes feel this way? It is perfectly normal, and you just need the right help to pull through with everything. Our arms are always 180° open to embrace you and teach you all you need to know to excel.

Mesoma’s success gives us real joy because she’s not just excelling for herself, she is inspiring thousands of women out there, especially those who are too scared to take a step.

Mesoma didn’t trust Heels and Tech blindly. She made sure she asked the right questions and understood how relevant the course she was about to enroll in was. In one of our many sessions, she said, “…I just wonder if I will be able to pull it off. If I can actually transmit what I have learned into securing a job role”. When she was finally convinced that we had what it took to guide her through her transition into tech, Mesoma The Lawyer started taking baby steps to become Mesoma the Business Analyst, in just four weeks. She fell in love with the course completely and found numerous opportunities out there. Mesoma confirmed we were teaching her all she needed to know to land a role. 

She said, “I’ve been checking and seeing loads. Most of the job descriptions are exactly what we are doing in class.”

Mesoma The Business Analyst

When her training with Heels and Tech was completed, Mesoma started applying for jobs. We guided her through the entire process, mentoring her on what she needed to land a Business Analyst role. Not long after, Mesoma landed a job as a business analyst!

Hurray! Sweeeeet!


Mesoma the Lawyer became Mesoma the Business Analyst. She couldn’t hide her excitement and we couldn’t contain our joy. It is our pleasure any time any day to watch our students grow into what they’ve been learning to become.

Mesoma told Heels and Tech “To be honest, this program has infused some form of confidence in me and the way you guys break it down is really helpful”.

She also told Heels and Tech, “Even though I didn’t appear to have much experience, they’re still happy and willing to hire me as I had the attitude and the mindset they’re looking for”. 

What a smooth and successful transition! 

If Mesoma Can Do It, You Can!

If anything, Mesoma has proved that transitioning into tech with zero experience is possible! You can do it too. 

If you’d like to become a techie, no matter your level of experience and what you know about tech, just spare 30 seconds to go through our course catalog and enroll for the one that interests you. If you are unsure which course to enroll in, talk to us on any of our social media platforms or take the career quiz.

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