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From Makeup Artist to Tech Professional: Adenike’s Inspirational Journey with Heels and Tech

From Makeup Artist to Tech Professional: Adenike's Inspirational Journey with Heels and Tech

From Makeup Artist to Tech Professional: Adenike’s Inspirational Journey with Heels and Tech

Have you ever asked yourself if it’s possible to switch careers, especially from a non-tech career to a tech career? Adenike had these same thoughts when she began her unconventional journey. She used to create stunning makeup looks, but something inside her craved more. She wanted to dive into the tech universe, even though it felt like a whole new galaxy for her.

Before venturing into tech, Adenike’s world revolved around makeup brushes and color palettes. As a professional makeup artist, she was a master of her craft. She had a passion for bringing out the beauty in others and had an innate talent for it. Her clients admired her ability to enhance their natural features, making them feel confident and radiant.

Yet, despite her success in the world of makeup, Adenike couldn’t ignore the persistent curiosity that stirred within her. She began to develop an interest in tech. This marked the beginning of her remarkable journey.

Adenike knew that pursuing a career in technology would require unwavering determination and the guidance of the right platform. With these thoughts in mind, she set out on a path that would lead her from makeup brushes to data analysis

How She Discovered Heels and Tech

Adenike’s quest for a reputable and effective tech platform led her on a digital journey that would transform her life. Fueled by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, she stumbled upon Heels and Tech, a beacon of opportunity in the vast landscape of online tech education.

As she took her first tentative steps into this new field, Adenike couldn’t help but feel a mix of nerves and excitement. The world of technology seemed like a daunting frontier, far removed from her comfort zone as a makeup artist. However, the warm embrace of Heels and Tech’s welcoming community quickly put her at ease.

The initial conversation with Heels and Tech left Adenike thrilled and reassured. She was met with open arms, a reassuring gesture for someone venturing into a field they had never explored before. It was a platform that understood her unique journey, recognizing the challenges that newcomers to tech often faced.

Heels and Tech offered more than just courses; it provided a soft landing, a place where Adenike could learn, grow, and connect with like-minded individuals. The collaborative and supportive environment became a nurturing space where her passion for technology flourished. In this vibrant community, Adenike found not only knowledge but also the camaraderie and encouragement she needed to thrive in the tech world.

Her Learning Journey

Adenike’s journey with Heels and Tech was truly incredible. She took the plunge into the tech world by enrolling in our Data Analysis course, even though she was a complete beginner. With just one dedicated course instructor by her side, we transformed her into a tech-savvy individual.

Our course instructor at Heels and Tech was like a friendly guide throughout her learning journey. We made sure everything was easy to understand, even the complex tech concepts. Despite her initial lack of tech background, Adenike quickly felt at ease with our approach.

One of the most exciting aspects of Adenike’s journey was the hands-on experience she gained through real-life projects. These weren’t just typical assignments; they were practical challenges that prepared her for the real world. Adenike acquired skills that she could directly apply in a job setting.

Our instructors at Heels and Tech were like tech experts, always ready to provide guidance and answer any questions. We didn’t focus solely on theory; we emphasized practical application. Adenike was amazed at how rapidly she grasped these new concepts.

However, Adenike wasn’t alone on this educational journey. She had the support of her fellow students, creating a collaborative and supportive learning environment. They learned together, assisted one another, and enjoyed every moment of it. It felt like a close-knit tech family, motivating each other every step of the way.

The once-intimidating world of tech transformed into a realm of endless opportunities for Adenike. She gained a wealth of knowledge and emerged from Heels and Tech with the confidence to tackle the tech industry. Thanks to our platform, her future looked brighter than ever before.

She Got a Job in the UK and Has Now Relocated!!!

After completing her training with Heels and Tech, Adenike embarked on a job hunt. However, the journey to securing a job was not without its challenges. For about a year, she faced rejections and setbacks, which left her feeling frustrated. But she didn’t give up; instead, she persevered.

Being a part of Heels and Tech’s alumni community became her source of motivation and learning. She connected with fellow past students who understood her journey and shared invaluable insights. Their collective knowledge and encouragement helped her stay resilient.

Finally, the breakthrough came when Adenike received a job interview from one of the positions she had applied for. The interview was rigorous, and the shadow of Imposter Syndrome loomed large. But she held her ground, impressing the interviewers with her depth of knowledge.

During the interview, Adenike spoke passionately about the real-life projects she had undertaken at Heels and Tech. She explained her approach to these projects and how they had equipped her to tackle real-world scenarios. The interviewers were not only impressed but also convinced that Adenike was the right fit for the role.

The news arrived shortly after – Adenike had secured a job! It wasn’t just any job; it was a position with a UK-based establishment, a testament to her dedication and the impact of her training with Heels and Tech. The elation was palpable.

Now, Adenike has relocated to the UK, where she works for a prestigious organization. Her journey from a makeup artist to a tech professional has taken her to new heights, and she continues to thrive in her tech role. For those interested in pursuing opportunities in the UK or anywhere else in the world, Heels and Tech’s courses can provide the necessary skills and knowledge to make that dream a reality.

You Can Do It Too!

For those contemplating a leap into the tech realm, especially women who may find it daunting, Adenike’s journey stands as a shining example. Challenges may surface, and doubts may creep in, but they should never be the reason to abandon your aspirations. Armed with determination, education, and the support of a community like Heels and Tech, these hurdles can be surmounted.

If Adenike’s journey has ignited your curiosity about a tech career, we warmly invite you to enroll in our Data Analysis course or explore our course catalogue.

At Heels and Tech, we provide beginner-friendly courses guided by industry experts. We go beyond teaching; we prepare you for interviews, assist in revamping your CV, and guide you toward a prosperous tech career. Don’t delay; commence your journey today!

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