July 2022

Today, our spotlight would be on the 15 most successful Ghanaian women in tech, and their specific niches. The stories of successful women in tech have to be told. This will help give every woman out there the willpower to get into Tech and own it. Meghan McCormick  Meghan McCormick is one of the top leading Ghanaian women in tech. She is

In times past, there were few women who ventured into the technology related world. Few exploits had been made in the technology sector by women but as we evolved into years of digital spaces and innovations, more women decided on learning these things for themselves. Women who have taken the lead into becoming tech advanced, making exploits by creating apps,

As much as the women are still stepping up on the tech ladder, let's look at the top fifteen most successful Kenyan Women who are making it in the tech space today. These are women who are involved in tech-related innovations that are helping society become better, knowing fully well that the tech industry is a really wide one. Ory Okolloh Ory

It is common to have people misconstrue the Tech industry as a very difficult pathway to delve into, hence the general notion that the tech industry is for the male gender more than the female.  The spotlight today will be on very amazing Nigerian women who beyond specializing in the tech industry, have also worked all the way to the top

While the world of women keeps burgeoning with great feats and strides, the women fold have deliberately resisted the seeming oppression thrust at them as they carefully etch their names in the sand of time. This stride has sprung into the world of technology as they are resilient to gradually share the dominance ratio in equal halves with their male

Most stock investment apps out there are not user friendly. There are lots of unnecessary elements built in them thereby making experience terrible for users. This project was born out of these frustrations. The app was designed for individuals to be able to invest in stocks from the comfort of their homes/offices via a mobile app. An app that will be

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Congratulations to the Winners

Name: Oluwatoyin Ajibade
Course: Salesforce Administrator Course

Name: Nonso Ogini

Course: Product Design

Name: Bilqis Apole
Course: Data Analytics

Name: Gladys Gordon
Course: Business Analysis

Name: Adesina Glory
Course: Product Marketing

Name: Ajayi Omotoyosi
Course: Product Design

Name: Sam-Mbok Ruth
Course: Business Analysis

Congratulations to the Winners