September 2021

When you were a younger girl, it’s likely nobody ever mentioned the possibility of you growing up to be a woman in tech. Following the social conditioning many of us ladies got, this industry wasn’t a top choice or thought for many. I mean see the extracurricular activities a school has for boys and girls. And now even after you’ve grown out

I have worked in the banking sector for 14 years doing different job descriptions. Everything became boring for me and I thought of looking at something very different from what I have been doing. Someone introduced me to Heelsandtech and that was the beginning of a new dawn for me. I decided to transition to IT and become a Business

My name is Dolapo Odutola. I Studied Mass Communication for my Bachelors Degree after which I proceeded to work with a Real Estate for two year. After this I went on to start up my fashion brand and Interior Decor shop which I still own and manage. Along side my businesses, I work with the federal government as a Revenue

My name is Elsie, i studied Food Science and I had been working as an Investment officer. I found Heels &Tech randomly and I followed even before I decided I wanted a new career path and in tech. When i eventually felt I needed a new path, I kept praying for directions & clarity then H&T reposted a @dbrownanalyst tweet that had

A little about your background I am Adepeju, a lawyer by profession but I have always found myself holding post outside my legal role, I didn’t think those roles were business Analyst roles until I started the course and then I knew I have been a BA for roughly 5years now. Your experience during the 4 weeks training..about the tools and project Hmmm,

It’s 2021 and women are gradually breaking free from stereotypes that made us believe tech was a man’s world and that to be in tech you must learn to code.There are several non coding tech roles, and women are killing it in these fields (the coding ones too).In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the young

A little about your background I had a very scanty exposure to business analysis, though an engineering graduate, I desired transitioning to IT fully but I didn't want anything to do with coding. This led me to Heels and Tech Your experience during the 4 weeks training..about the tools and project The sessions were very clear and easy to understand. The tools we were

Do you know that Business Analysts with just 1-4 years experience earn above two million naira on an average, yearly? So as a beginner you can also earn big. Let’s quickly redefine who a Business Analyst is, before we get down to the important skills needed to be one. A Business Analyst is a connect-the-dot person between the non-technical and the technical

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