Business Analysis Student Stories

Omon – Lagos

Omon – Lagos

I have worked in the banking sector for 14 years doing different job descriptions. Everything became boring for me and I thought of looking at something very different from what I have been doing. Someone introduced me to Heelsandtech and that was the beginning of a new dawn for me. I decided to transition to IT and become a Business Analyst.

Heels and Tech made this journey smooth for me. Within 6 weeks I learnt a lot. All the trainings were hands-on, I can relate with business analyst terms now and I can work with the tools and applications as a BA.

I thought all these won’t be possible within 6 weeks but I was wrong as the facilitator was awesome. Ready to answer any question and breakdown the business analyst functions for us to understand.

I am looking forward to getting a BA role as the knowledge from Heels and Tech must be applied. Heels and Tech…. You have really made a great impact in my career journey.

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