Business Analysis Student Stories

Dolapo – Abuja

Dolapo – Abuja

My name is Dolapo Odutola. I Studied Mass Communication for my Bachelors Degree after which I proceeded to work with a Real Estate for two year. After this I went on to start up my fashion brand and Interior Decor shop which I still own and manage. Along side my businesses, I work with the federal government as a Revenue Officer.

The past six week has been a little challenging but extremely impactful. I am mostly happy about the 4 weeks real life project my teammates and I were able to work on. It was the best way to prepare us for roles and activities expected when we eventually take up our various positions as Business Analysts. The tools learnt during this period were also not as difficult to navigate as I expected them to be before I started the training. Although I wish the class can go on for longer in order to help me learn the tools better, but I also learnt about being intentional and ownership. Therefore, I intend to practice more to better the skills I learnt during this time.

Another amazing factor is the trainer, Petrina. She is as a wealth of knowledge as a Business Analyst, and I feel very privileged to be one of her students. She has been more than patient, understanding relatable and learning materials are properly broken down by her.

All this and more is thanks to Heels and Tech for creating this opportunity for clueless women like me to experience and understand IT. Since my first time making inquiries up until this moment, the process has been seamless. Other than a fantastic learning experience is also the constant follow up and guidance by Heels and Tech. I most say I feel proud to become an alumni of this organization.

Now I know that my past experiences and qualifications should never be an excuse for not trying new career paths and learning new things. Also I now believe that anyone can transition to IT with the right exposure to the right information.

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