The Role of Education in Empowering Women in Tech

The Role of Education in Empowering Women in Tech

Anyone who knows the worth and value of education would firmly agree that education is the foundation of any career path, including career fields in the tech industry. Building a tech career and succeeding at it requires obtaining some level of education, even though you might not necessarily have a university degree. 

Some of the stereotypes and beliefs that have hindered women from accessing their rights to proper & complete education have made it challenging and practically impossible for these women to successfully build a career and attain the higher levels they desire. 

Sadly, women are often victims of lack of education and this has turned many of them into illiterates. This means that for the women in this category or those with little exposure to education to build a career in the tech industry, they have to break free from the shackles of illiteracy and lack of education. 

Breaking free from illiteracy caused by lack of education and empowering more women to start and build tech careers is one vital function of education. This can open up doors for women in tech.

To assist more aspiring women in tech and leverage the power of education to build outstanding & enviable tech careers, we will discuss the different roles education plays in empowering women in tech. 

What Does Education Mean to Women in Tech?

For women in tech, education can mean different things to them, so far as the end goal is to learn and gain knowledge that would help them build and accelerate their tech careers. This is because education is not validated or limited to ultimately getting a degree from a university or college in the tech industry. Even individuals without a university degree can successfully build tech careers of their preference. 

There are different routes through which women in tech can get empowered to become better in their various fields in tech. For some women in tech, education can come through mentorship, online courses, boot camps & cohorts, and trainings. Others might prefer to get theirs from the four walls of a university/college. 

But whichever route you choose to go through to obtain your education, always remember that your number one goal & expectation is to become knowledgeable and do excellent work in the industry that can contribute to your immense growth in your tech career. 

As a woman in tech, what matters is that through education, you have obtained the knowledge, ideas needed to make an impact that can strategically position you to excel in your career path.

What Are The Roles Education Plays in Empowering Women in Tech?

Education plays a crucial role towards empowering women in their different career stages in the tech industry. Lack of education will make it difficult for women in tech to excel. Empowering women through education is one of the practical ways to elevate and push forward their tech careers. 

To overcome all these barriers and obstacles that make it extra challenging for women in tech to have a thriving tech career, we believe that women need to be empowered and equipped for the future ahead of them in the tech industry and education happens to be one of the keys to overcoming them. 

In this piece, we will highlight the different roles that education plays in empowering women in tech and here are some of them below;

  1. One of the most valuable ways of empowering women in tech is through sharing & impacting knowledge and ideas with them. By now, you should already know that knowledge is power. And knowledge comes from learning and getting educated. For women in tech to continually thrive in the tech industry, there is a need to ensure there is no gap or hindrance between them and the knowledge they need. This is because you can’t contribute meaningfully to the tech industry and community when you lack knowledge. 
  1. To successfully empower women in tech, it is essential to strategically position them to opportunities that will enable their growth and prosperity in the tech industry. Education helps create leverage that makes these women qualify for such positions. Getting educated gives these women the upper hand to access transforming & impactful opportunities. 
  1. Education can also help to empower women in tech financially. The more learned and knowledgeable you are, the more you have a better chance of earning higher in the tech industry. This also helps eradicate and minimize the poverty rate in society. 
  1. Empowering women in tech through education means they have to become part of the tech industry without experiencing any form of segregation. Education helps to promote gender equality and inclusion. And for women to thrive in tech, they need to be seen and heard, which is one of the goals behind gender inclusivity.
  1. Access to quality education can help women in tech have better opportunities to secure life-changing jobs in the tech industry. One of the best ways to empower women in tech is to provide them with quality jobs so that society can experience the impact & outcome of it. This is also an excellent way to reduce the unemployment rate. 

The role education plays in empowering women in tech can not be inevitable, and most of these tech careers women dive into may not be fruitful and impactful if there is no level of education to back it up. 

Women tend to be at the losing end of most things, where they are not allowed to access their rights to the basic things they should. And most times, the only way to overcome these beliefs and barriers is through quality education. 

With quality education made accessible to women in tech, it will become easier for them to do excellent & outstanding work that will positively impact society and the world, thereby creating space for more women to enter the tech industry.

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