About Us

What We Do

We offers training and mentorship on in-demand technological courses by connecting women with Industry Professionals, we provide a platform which allows individuals, several options to learn skills that will aid career growth, development, or transition. We are a women-focused brand, due to the glaring gap of women in STEM. However, men are welcomed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to upskill women with in-demand Tech skills that can enable them transform their current role to higher-paying roles or even create these opportunities by building Tech products.

With our CoHort Learning and Teaching platform, women can learn with a community of individu- als, who share similar end goals.

We want our women to build global tech companies We partner with industry professionals who have worked in leading tech companies to learn how technology is shaping the world today and teach these crucial tech skills companies need in their workforce.

Our professional instructors will also drive this change, thereby improving their leadership, man- agement, and interpersonal skills.

Our Vision is to close the gender gap between women and technology, by fostering a community where transitioning to Tech or advancing in Tech roles is straight forward and seamless.

Our Instructor

Our instructors are seasoned professional leaders in tech who are vastly exposed to the industry demands, changes and skills needed to soar in the tech industry.

Our platform is opened to instructors that seek to lead and drive change in the lives of women by helping them upskill and drive innovation.

Earn more whilst doing what you love. “We provide instructors a means to change lives whilst earning”

Cohort Learning

Our cohort learning is a platform of collaborative style connecting you with tech resources and world class Instructors to acquire new skills in groups.
Studies shows that the finish rate of self paced programs are extremely low, somewhere between 4-5%, but with Cohort learning, course completion is much higher, between 80-90% which in turn gives more value for your investment.

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