Business Analysis Student Stories

Adebusola Adediran

Adebusola Adediran

A little about your background

I’m a banker with over 6 years experience, I have BA experience across the 6 years but not core BA work, this is the reason I decided to make a transition to Business Analysis. Tech has always been an interest to me growing up and Business Analysis is bridging the gap between were I am now and where I want to be in the tech space.

Your experience during the 6 weeks training..about the tools and project

During the 6 weeks, I learnt a lot especially collaborative work, communication which are like core skills for a BA. I also learnt how to use useful applications and hands on use of them. I literally feel like a more techy person.

About your trainer

Our trainer was really sweet, patient, and she takes her time to explain any thing that is not clear. She literally made sure our money didn’t waste.

Finally about the renewed mindset

I feel like I have BA career already and I’m fully equipped for the Canadian job market what even surprised me the most was the LinkedIn optimization class, Omo! LinkedIn is not ready for my profile ?

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