Product Design Course Replay

Temi did not know the first thing about coding.

She only knew that she had this great idea about an app that will make life easy for so many people and also set her at a competitive advantage, make her fulfilled and make her six figures

So, what did she do?

Well I won’t be telling you about her if she weren’t already a PRODUCT DESIGNER living her dreams! She did this by enrolling at Heels and Tech for NGN 150,000 but we are putting it at NGN 30,000 so you can get a chance too!

Temi and Hope (the foodie) have both created amazing apps! See for yourself!

You can upskill in 10 hours or less… with our Product Design course replay, at just NGN 30,000 as against NGN 150,000 the actual fee! Go ahead and take this limited offer NOW!

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