Our Story

Humble Beginning

Our Founder, Bisola over the years has navigated through different career paths. From sales in Oracle; a Tech giant, to Fashion and finally back to Tech. Bisola being pregnant with her second child in 2020, through her transition back to the tech space, witnessed and experienced first-hand the difficulties faced by women trying to transition into a meaningful career in Tech.
Some of the women she encountered along her journey had either lost their careers or lost themselves as a result of motherhood and were finding it difficult to keep up with the fast-paced courses available online to aid their transi- tion. Bisola’s blogging experience later on that year; where she shared everything she knew about transitioning into tech through a series of blog posts; also revealed how a lot of women wanted to transition into tech but had no idea how. Bisola decided to help the little way she could, by organis- ing free webinars to talk about multiple ways to kick-start a career in Tech.
But these women wanted more. She noticed women who listened to her webinars had similar back-stories, some Teachers, Housewives, Custom- er Service Reps, Bankers, who wanted higher-paying jobs, or even a career change and knew Tech skills were the most in-demand skills currently. But due to the perceived complexity of the word ‘’Tech’’, In Bisola’s words; “Most women feel it is impossible to transition without spending years in school or learning how to code. Women who choose to learn, keep struggling to keep up online.
Women who choose to learn, keep struggling to keep up online. Women are not aware Tech skills have many facets and can be as simple and fast to grasps as any other skills” This led to the birth of Heels & Tech; A community that helps women transition easily into Tech. This is done through Heels & Tech’s Cohort Learning Platform (My Eazy Class) where women (and now men) are connected with World Class Tech Instructors.

Our Vision is to close the gender gap between women and technology, by fostering a community where transitioning to Tech or advancing in Tech roles is straight forward and seamless.

Why Cohort Learning?

Our cohort learning is a platform of collaborative style connecting you with tech resources and world class Instructors to acquire new skills in groups.
Studies shows that the finish rate of self paced programs are extremely low, somewhere between 4-5%, but with Cohort learning, course completion is much higher, between 80-90% which in turn gives more value for your investment.
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Congratulations to the Winners

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Course: Salesforce Administrator Course

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Course: Data Analytics

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Course: Business Analysis

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Course: Product Marketing

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Course: Business Analysis

Congratulations to the Winners