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Discussing Trends and insights within the Tech space in the diaspora

Women are finally taking their rightful place in tech, and Heels and Tech is going all out in empowering them on this journey. For our webinar titled “Trends and Insights within the Tech Space in the Diaspora” aimed at inspiring inclusion across borders, we’ll be pulling in 7 professionals from different niches in tech namely; business analysis, salesforce, bioinformatics, product management, cybersecurity, you name it!

Expect to be lifted on the shoulders of tech giants for a seamless and intentional career; learn from their successes and thrive where they failed, all for free! All you need to do is register, and when you show up, you’ll gain enough knowledge and inspiration to last you a lifetime. And yeah, if you are a curious man, you can click the button too! we don’t discriminate.

What are you waiting for? Get registered now. Women’s day isn’t every day!

IWD 2024 Webinar

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