International Women’s Day Product Management Training

Heels & Tech partners Digital Business Konsult ahead for 2023 IWD with theme “DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender equality” to train 5000 women on Product Management

Did you know that in the 1970s, only 7% of medical practitioners were actually women?  However, today, that number has risen up by 30%.

The best part is, it isn’t just the medical field that has witnessed this change in gender inclusion. Many other industries have as well, over time.

However, bear in mind that we probably would never have gotten to this point, if some women hadn’t woken up one day and decided that women deserved access to more rights.

A stellar example that quickly comes to mind is Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti of blessed memory, who till tomorrow, will always be remembered as the first woman ever to drive a car in Nigeria.

That’s just the way it is. If we want our girl children in the coming generations to continue having access to more rights, as they aspire to do greater things, the onus lies on women of this present generation to continue to pave the way for them.

And this can easily be said to be true for the Tech Industry as well. To have more women in Tech as the future unfolds, we need more women to choose to enter the industry now.

The fact that the Tech industry is much more inclusive and easier to get into compared to other lucrative sectors, such as oil and gas, where rarely available positions are often reserved for a select few, just makes things all the more encouraging. With Tech, all that you really need to get a foot in the door, are your skills, expertise, as well as a burning passion to keep learning, even as you do impeccable work.

Now, we understand that actually getting to acquire these skills and expertise is often like the first hurdle to overcome, but that is why Heels and Tech is here for you.

And in commemoration of International Women’s Day, we’re committing to training 5000 women for free on Product Management. Yes, you read that right! 5000 women and one of them could very well be you. And all you have to do to qualify is register using the link in our bio as soon as you see this!

Indeed, the day is coming when we’ll have more than enough women in tech, but just like the women before us who fought for us to have these rights we now enjoy… we must do our own part, by forging paths for our successors to easily thread.

And for us at Heels and Tech, this is just one of the many steps we will be taking in the right direction toward being a part of history. Join us, won’t you?

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