Heels and Tech Laptop Giveaway

What does owning a laptop mean to the girl child? Owning a laptop means education becomes accessible to the girl child, it means her dreams to become a successful Woman in Tech is achievable and not just imaginary, it serves as an encouragement to her and much more.

To that effect, we set up a target to equip a lucky community member with a laptop. Because of limited funds, we were able to give out 1 per year..

We are committed to empowering women to transition into tech and become leaders in the tech space.

To win the laptop, contestants had to do a video talking about Heels and Tech and how we have inspired them.

The contestant with the highest engagement on her video (our criteria for picking the winner), went home with a laptop!

Congratulations, Favour ?? !! We hope that it helps you in your Tech journey.

If you would love to contribute your quota to empowering women to kickstart their tech journey to become a force in their field in Africa, Wait no more!

Come join us as a sponsor and partner at Heels and Tech in empowering more women with laptops and other gadgets to enable them kickstart their tech journey.

To become a sponsor, send us a message on Instagram or send an email to bella@heelsandtech.com.

Cheers to many years of empowering women to raise the status of their education!?

Merry Christmas!??

The Contestants
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