From Naija OAP to Engagement Manager Amazon: A Webinar

Engagement Management is one of the easiest jobs for anyone looking to transition into tech or switch careers. It’s one of the non-coding tech jobs that requires non technical skills or background.

What is an Engagement Manager?

A customer engagement manager (as the role is also called) is a person who is responsible for managing every relationship the business has with its clients. Unlike a project manager whose responsibility is to manage a project from start to finish, an engagement manager’s responsibility is to assist customers from the moment they sign their contracts.

The job here is more client facing. It involves helping customers with how to use the product or service in the best way possible, managing complaints and expectations, amongst others.

How to Become an Engagement Manager

In this webinar, our speaker Tobe Nneji spoke on how she navigated her career from a Nigerian OAP to an Engagement Manager at Amazon.

She speaks on breaking into the tech industry with an Economics degree and non technical experiences, everything you need to know about a career as an engagement manager, and also answers questions like how to decide on a new career path.

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