Data Analytics

As an Operations Officer in the Banking sector I know I needed more. I didn't know which course to settle for but I got help when I was about to register. I registered for Data Analytics course and the training opened me to a whole new world and I am optimistic about it. My facilitator was really calm and patient while taking

A baker now a Data Analyst. My training experience started out on an insightful note. I love the facilitator's teaching style. Every concept was broken down to the basics. Saying that the Heels and Tech data analytics course is enlightening would be saying the least. The rich course content and the teaching style employed by facilitator is beyond amazing. I would

The training was wonderful. The patience of our facilitator is something to be studied. The project work was nice also. The Project was about analyzing the gender distribution of a company. We did the analysis based on salary paid per state and staff performance. We worked individually and each person did a presentation to the class. Questions were asked and corrections was made. It's

I currently work in taxation. In charge of compliance and enforcement of tax liabilities in the federal level. Its mainly accounting work, there's a reason I studied Economics and Statistics for my undergrad and not accounting! I worked in a customer service role for the first 18 months before I was moved to the compliance role. I also worked in

Education in Science (Biochemistry), Work experience - Taxation It was 3 weeks training. Training was good, teachers are very knowledgeable. Covered a wider range of topics albeit not so in-depth for some. The trainers are very knowledgeable and patient. They don't mind going over a topic again even for just one person and they take their time to make sure everyone understands. I'm

I have spent all my working years in procurement - 20yrs plus. I came to the class with an open mind and it paid off because I was excited throughout the training and didn't want to miss one day. There was always something new to learn. The trainers were fantastic, they pushed us out of our comfort zone and were extremely patient

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