Salesforce App Developer Course

Become a Salesforce App Developer in 4 weeks

If you want to build innovative Apps that provides cutting-edge solutions for your business/organization/company with NO CODE, learning Salesforce is your runway to becoming an App Developer.

One of the in-genius features of Salesforce is the ability to build any type of App because it already has pre-built functions. A Salesforce developer is a programmer who builds Salesforce applications across various PaaS (Platform as a Service) platforms. With Salesforce App Developer businesses and IT can work together to build rich, engaging connected experiences faster. As a business owner/user you can focus on solving problems as you get to create apps 59% faster with point-end click tools. You are also able to automate any process with easy clicks to get work done faster. As an IT Professional with Salesforce Development skills you can focus on innovation by empowering users whilst removing IT bottlenecks, you also maintain security and control over enterprise resources and of course utilize IT resources to deliver new ideas and technology.

Why Salesforce?

It is the biggest CRM Application that does not require coding. If you are wondering what establishments really use Salesforce? Many large establishments use Salesforce and more and more startups are beginning to utilize it to upscale their services in order to increase sales and returns. Large establishments that use Salesforce include:


What You’ll Learn

Course Outline:

Through our engaging training you will graduate with the skills and confidence to join the ranks of industry-shaping developers. The curriculum covers:


This course has no prerequisites. You do not have to have a technical background. The Salesforce App is strictly zero coding and mainly drag and drop functions are used. All you need for this course is a Laptop with a functional internet service provider and an Open mind ready to learn and put in the work

End Point

At the end of this course you will have the portfolio of an App that you will be building yourself

Here's What You Should Do Right Now

The price for this course is $399. Within just 4-weeks you can upskill to becoming an App developer. Sessions run on Saturday 12pm to 2pm and Sunday 1pm to 3pm. There are limited slots available for us to have practical hands on training with our students and so we implore you to save a spot by registering right now before you lose the opportunity

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