Student Stories

I currently work in taxation. In charge of compliance and enforcement of tax liabilities in the federal level. Its mainly accounting work, there's a reason I studied Economics and Statistics for my undergrad and not accounting! I worked in a customer service role for the first 18 months before I was moved to the compliance role. I also worked in

Education in Science (Biochemistry), Work experience - Taxation It was 3 weeks training. Training was good, teachers are very knowledgeable. Covered a wider range of topics albeit not so in-depth for some. The trainers are very knowledgeable and patient. They don't mind going over a topic again even for just one person and they take their time to make sure everyone understands. I'm

I have spent all my working years in procurement - 20yrs plus. I came to the class with an open mind and it paid off because I was excited throughout the training and didn't want to miss one day. There was always something new to learn. The trainers were fantastic, they pushed us out of our comfort zone and were extremely patient

A little about your background I’m a Customer Support Specialist/KYC verification agent. Your experience during the 6 weeks training..about the tools and project It was a good experience. I learnt how to use the tools well: Jira, Lucid chart, Microsoft Team and Office tools. I believe that if I work on what I’ve learnt so far, it’ll help me sail well in this

A little about your background  I came from a background in business and entrepreneurs and I wanted to do something different or bring something different to the table. Your experience during the 6 weeks training..about the tools and project Came across heels and tech and my training was detailing the tools was understandable, with the  project I noticed that the more you practice

A little about your background I am a hospital pharmacist, practicing for over 18 years, with a background in clinical pharmacy, public health, supply chain, research and retail sales. I am open to new challenges, hence I look for every opportunity to take on new projects and make improvements around my workspace; especially in the area of improving work process with

A little about your background I have a bachelors degree in communication Studies, master’s degree in media studies and also some years of experience as a human resources person . I want to transition to tech fully thats the reason why i chose to apply for the BA course with Heels and Tech and it has been a worthwhile experience Your experience

A little about your background I am a dynamic and versatile woman with expertise in Marketing, brand management and communication. Your experience during the 6 weeks training..about the tools and project My experience learning Business Analysis at Heels and Tech was intense but insightful and eye opening to the diverse opportunities available in the Tech industry even for people without tech background. About your

A little about your background Highest educational qualification is Masters in Process Engineering from University of Lagos. B.Eng in Chemical Engineering from FUTO and Diploma in Construction management from City Business School, UK.A Senior Cost Engineer with over 12 years in Oil and Gas, EPCI, Engineering Design and Project Management. Your experience during the 6 weeks training..about the tools and project The experience

A little about your background I’m a banker with over 6 years experience, I have BA experience across the 6 years but not core BA work, this is the reason I decided to make a transition to Business Analysis. Tech has always been an interest to me growing up and Business Analysis is bridging the gap between were I am now

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